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    Reference: 20160723
    Release date: 9 April 2018

    Promoter – Financial Intermediary




    The project consists of the first stage of electrification of the Latvian railway network in 25kV 50 Hz. This includes the sections between Riga and Krustpils, Krustpils and Daugavpils and, Krustpils and Rezekne (a total of around 300 km).


    The project is located on the core Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). It will allow the replacement of diesel traction by electric traction on the most heavily-used freight railway route in Latvia. This is expected to reduce the operating costs of the railway system as a whole, strengthen its competitive position and, thereby, contribute to sustainable transport in line with EU objectives. The project will increase the quality of the national railway infrastructure provided by the promoter, and will thereby promote sustainable transport solutions in line with EU objectives. The project is located in a cohesion country and facilitating access promotes regional development. The project is therefore eligible under Article 309 point (a) 'projects for developing less developed regions', as well as point (c) 'common interest'. The project will also contribute to meeting the Bank's target for support to climate action.


    Proposed EIB finance (Approximate amount)

    not disclosed

    Total cost (Approximate amount)

    not disclosed

    Environmental aspects

    The investment proposed falls under Annex II of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive 2011/92/EU (as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU). The need of an EIA and/or assessment according to the Habitats Directive will be analysed during the appraisal. The project will enable the replacement of diesel traction by electric traction on the most heavily-used part of Latvian railways infrastructure with the related benefits in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pollution.


    The Bank will require the promoter to ensure that contracts for the implementation of the project will be tendered in accordance with the relevant applicable EU procurement legislation, Directive 2014/25/EU as well as Directive 92/13/EEC, as interpreted by the Court of Justice of the European Union, with the publication of tender notices in the Official Journal of the European Union, as and where required.


    Approved - 6/02/2019


    Before financing approval by the Board of Directors, and before loan signature, projects are under appraisal and negotiation. The data provided on this page is therefore indicative and cannot be considered to represent official EIB policy (see also the Explanatory notes).

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