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    Yvette Go and Sam Clause will make you feel good about finance, EIB

    A Dictionary of Finance shares a big hug as we examine social finance, which aims to confront societal issues

    Let’s face it, people don’t like bankers. But that’s because they don’t know about social finance.

    On this week’s episode of ‘A Dictionary of Finance’ we hear about social finance, which tackles social issues such as migration or the integration of prisoners into society. Listen, because it will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

    The episode also shows you how to get financing for your business through programmes backed by the European Investment Fund.

    If you think you might need a microfinance loan, go to 23:10 in the episode and hear Sam Clause, senior investment officer at the European Investment Fund for inclusive finance, explain how it works.

    At 27:20, Yvette Go, the EIF’s head of social and environmental impact investment, explains how you can get different types of equity financing for your social venture.

    As this is A Dictionary of Finance, we’ll also look at important terms, including ethical bank.

    An ethical bank is a place people might invest their money if they want to be sure the bank, in turn, invests in social enterprises. Sam tells you more about this at 30:20, explaining where to find details of an ethical bank in your country.

    If there are terms or concepts you would like us to explore, give us a shout on Twitter (@EIBMatt or @AllarTankler).

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