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    Get the history and rationale behind EFSI from Iliyana Tsanova, EIB

    A Dictionary of Finance becomes the EFSI podcast with a special issue to mark €315 billion of investment triggered

    The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) hits a big target today. We mark the delivery of €315 billion in investment through this programme by turning A Dictionary of Finance into an EFSI podcast.

    On this week’s episode of ‘A Dictionary of Finance’ we hear from Iliyana Tsanova, deputy managing director of EFSI. She lays out the reasoning behind the programme, which was created as part of Europe’s response to the global financial crisis.

    Administered by the European Investment Bank, EFSI consists of a guarantee from the EU budget and some billions of EIB capital. The aim: to support viable projects that were, nonetheless, failing to find market financing. The projects were, in fact, falling through the cracks of market gaps. (You’ll find out what a market gap is in the podcast too.)

    The original target set for the EIB was to invest in projects that would trigger €315 billion of investment after three years. That’s the landmark that has been reached today, and so we put out a special issue of the podcast to mark the occasion.

    Let us know what you think of EFSI or the investment climate in general in Europe on Twitter (@EIBMatt or @AllarTankler).

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