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    Leading a team of experts, overseeing their work and driving strategy, you will ensure that our control and reporting functions are best-in-class. You will also promote the development of close relationships with the businesses.

    Financial control and reporting

    Ensuring the accurate and timely production of our financial statements and other financial reports, in compliance with relevant EU directives and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). You will prepare our prudential reporting to the Central Bank of Luxembourg, and report on all EIB activities with an impact on the Bank’s financial position. You will be expected to form strong relationships internally and externally to allow for optimal communication and the development of accounting-related strategy.

    Management accounting, information and reporting

    You will be the link between our operations and our decision makers at the highest level. You will work in partnership with functions across the organisation to provide the data that keeps our management informed on a timely and accurate basis. Your work will help shape decisions, as you will develop appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to produce management information reports, suitable for use up to board level.


    You will contribute to the creation of financial and/or operational plans with input from all business. These plans must be strategically viable at operational level at the outset, and your work will also cover reporting on the progress and budget utilisation at regular intervals. Your role will extend beyond reporting as you will be expected to provide vital, independent decision-making information to senior management.

    Regulatory reporting

    Compliance with current directives and regulations is of the highest importance and you will keep up to date with developments in regulatory matters and their impact on all our areas of operation. You will also be responsible for maintaining our external relationships in this area so as to respond rapidly to queries and developments.

    Third party and mandate reporting

    Your work in this area is fundamental to the Bank’s credibility with external counterparts. You will work with external auditors (including the European Court of Auditors) and be responsible for preparing financial statements and other related internal and external financial reports, and establishing appropriate accounting policies and procedures, for third party funds under EIB management, or in the context of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the European Stability Mechanism.

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