The EIB Group has stepped up its level of precaution at its headquarters in Luxembourg and in its external offices. All staff will telework as of 16 March. A small number of staff whose physical presence on EIB premises is indispensable will continue to be present on the EIB campus. The decision aims to protect the health of employees and ensure the continuity of the EIB Group’s activity.

The Bank had rehearsed various scenarios in recent weeks as the corona virus outbreak progressed across the EU. The EIB identified the first case of one staff member who tested positive for corona virus on 11 March. Close colleagues and other staff who had been in contact with the person affected had already been working from home for several days as a precautionary measure based on the possibility of infection. The bank now decided that all staff would telework to minimise the risk of infection. 

The EIB Group is fully functional and reachable as usual, with no disruption to the operational schedule or the agenda other than the cancellation of certain corporate events.