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EIB Secretary General Marjut Santoni at the 2018 Global Infrastructure Forum

Speaking at the Global Infrastructure Forum alongside representatives of other financial institutions, Marjut Santoni offered concrete measures on how to ‘de-risk’ investments. She explained this is to get the private sector on board for key projects to promote sustainable growth, which governments and public institutions cannot fund alone. 

Pipelines of high-quality projects, the right financial instruments, transparent e-procurement and appropriate data sets, the gathering of which could be facilitated by blockchain technology, were among the measures she highlighted at the debate in Bali.

Santoni pointed to the European Fund for Strategic Investments, managed by the EIB, as a model of how guarantees combined with loans can mobilise huge amounts of financing for key projects. “But at the policy level a key element when we are talking about the concept of risk,” she concluded, “is the security of our critical infrastructure”.