EFSI Governance

EFSI Governance

The EFSI, established within the EIB, has been provided with a governance structure which function is to ensure the appropriate use of the EU guarantee. This governance structure is composed of a Steering Board, an Investment Committee and a Managing Director.

The Managing Director is responsible for EFSI’s day-to-day management and for the preparation and chairing of meetings of the Investment Committee. The Managing Director is a voting member of the Investment Committee. A Deputy Managing Director assists the Managing Director in his tasks and replaces him in his absence. As part of his role, the Managing Director reports to the EFSI Steering Board on the activities of the EFSI guaranteed operations on a quarterly basis.

In addition, the Managing Director is responsible for the approval of new products entrusted to the EIF, together with the EFSI Steering Board in consultation with the Investment Committee.

Following an open and transparent selection process and with the endorsement of the European Parliament at the proposal of the EFSI Steering Board, Mr. Wilhelm Molterer has been appointed by the EIB President as Managing Director and Ms. Iliyana Tsanova as Deputy Managing Director of the EFSI for three years.

Both managers have been chosen on the basis of their competences and suitability for the posts. They are required to respect the EIB staff Code of Conduct, including in respect of conflicts of interest.

For any questions that you would like to address to the EFSI Governing Bodies please contact EFSI Secretariat.

Date of situation: 13 December 2017