EFSI Investment Committee

EFSI Investment Committee

The EFSI Investment Committee is responsible for approving the support of the EU guarantee in line with the EFSI investment policies and the requirements of the EFSI Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 2015 / 1017) for EIB projects supporting important investments in infrastructure and innovation throughout the EU.

The Investment Committee comprises the Managing Director and eight independent experts. Following an invitation for Expressions of Interest, the experts have been appointed by the EFSI Steering Board and contracted by the EIB for a period of one year, renewable up to a maximum term of six years.

As per the EFSI Regulation, the Investment Committee is gender-balanced, diversified and experts have a high level of market experience in project structuring and financing, as well as micro- and macro-economic expertise in one or more of the key fields covered by EFSI, amongst them research and innovation, transport, renewable energy, education and health.

Investment Committee decisions are to be taken by simple majority, independently and individually, with each of the members of the Investment Committee having one vote, including the Managing Director.

Decisions approving the use of the EU guarantee will be made public.

The Investment Committee is accountable to the EFSI Steering Board.

Investment Committee members