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    Référence: 20210112
    Date de publication: 19 juillet 2023

    Promoteur – Intermédiaire Financier




    The project consists of a framework loan (FL) to improve drinking water supply and waste water treatment in cities throughout Ukraine, focusing in particular to the quick restoration and repair of damaged or overstretched water and sanitation infrastructure. Despite ongoing war and difficulties, the economic and social life in many parts of Ukraine continues and the Government must ensure that at least basic needs of the population are met.


    The aim is to ensure the safe and sustainable provision of critical services to the local population, including the large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs), predominantly women, children and elderly persons. The project will support municipalities under control of the Ukrainian Government that are hosting significant influxes of IDPs and that are sufficiently safe to benefit from the technical assistance. Eligible investments under the Ukraine Water Recovery FL would include: diagnostic equipment (water main inspection and leak detection systems), laboratory equipment, equipment for operation maintenance of networks, pumping stations and plants, special vehicles for water/wastewater services, reconstruction, rehabilitation, upgrade, extension, replacement, supply or new construction of water source infrastructure, water supply and distribution systems, water/wastewater treatment facilities, sludge processing facilities, water and sewerage house connection, including introduction metering and District Metering Areas (DMA), bulk water metering, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and hydraulic modelling, water and energy efficiency measures, technical designs, supervision.


    Guarantee to be determined.


    • Eau, assainissement - Production et distribution d'eau; assainissement, gestion des déchets et dépollution

    Montant BEI envisagé (montant approximatif)

    EUR 200 million

    Coût total (montant approximatif)

    EUR 200 million

    Aspects environnementaux

    The large majority of the foreseen investments concern repairs and refurbishment of damaged water infrastructure and are to be performed within existing facilities or rights of way. Some of these schemes might be subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the National EIA Law, which transpose the requirements of the EIA Directive 2011/92/EC as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU and ensures compliance with Ukraine's international obligations under the Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine. Also, the relevant analysis of social risks and impacts of sub-projects will be duly carried out as part of the appraisal, in accordance with the EIB Social Standards. The project will contribute to climate action and environmental sustainability objectives, in particular to climate mitigation, climate adaptation, pollution prevention and control, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, protection and restoration of biodiversity & ecosystems.

    Passation des marchés

    The promoter has to ensure that implementation of the project will be done in accordance with the EIB's Guide to Procurement and the relevant applicable EU public procurement rules.


    Approuvé - 15/11/2023

    À l'examen
    15 novembre 2023

    Clause de non-responsabilité

    Avant d’être approuvés par le Conseil d’administration et avant la signature des prêts correspondants, les projets font l’objet d’une instruction et de négociations. Par conséquent, les informations et données fournies sur cette page sont indicatives.
    Elles sont fournies à des fins de transparence uniquement et ne peuvent être considérées comme représentant la politique officielle de la BEI (voir également les notes explicatives).

    Mots-clés correspondants

    Ukraine Eau, assainissement