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    More than 50 country leaders, led by India and France, gathered at the first Summit of the International Solar Alliance.

    Launched at COP21 in Paris in 2015, the so-called “sunshine coalition” aims to mobilise more than USD 1 billion of investments by 2030 to massively deploy solar energy, in particular in solar-rich countries. This is an unprecedented opportunity to fight climate change and bring affordable energy to people in the 121 countries of the Solar Alliance.

    European Investment Bank President Werner Hoyer was in Delhi to pledge his commitment to the initiative. The EIB, as the largest climate financier in the world, is partnering with the Solar Alliance to bring its expertise and financing to support the expansion of solar energy in India and beyond.

    EIB impact powered by the sun


    billion for solar projects globally since 2002

    Affordable energy for

    million Indian households


    million tonnes of CO2 through Indian solar projects*

    *This is equivalent to 9.2 million barrels of oil consumed (source: GHG equivalencies calculator, EPA)

    In the spotlight

    EIB President speech at the Summit

    At the founding conference of the International Solar Alliance, EIB President Werner Hoyer said that the EU bank is committed and ready to play its part in supporting the mass rollout of solar energy around the world. Check the full speech.

    The International Solar Alliance will enable us to extend affordable energy to some of the poorest communities in countries which at the same time are rich in solar resources. This makes sense for these communities and it makes sense for the planet

    • Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB

    Round table/Facebook live
    Making climate action count
    Watch the round table on Facebook!

    Can tackling climate change improve people’s daily lives and promote gender equality in India and beyond? Participants to the round table, organised by the EIB, discussed this question ahead of the Summit.

    The panel was composed of:

    • Suchismita Mukhopadhyay, Associate Director - Climate Change and Energy, WWF India
    • Aarti Aggarwal, Senior Consultant, Election Commission of India
    • Mohua Mukherjee, Program Ambassador, International Solar Alliance
    • Aparna Roy, Associate Fellow, Observer Research Foundation 
    • Maria Shaw-Barragan, Director, Global Partners Department, European Investment Bank