Examples of EPTATF Operations

Examples of EPTATF Operations


Municipal Infrastructure Programme in Ukraine

The municipal infrastructure sector in Ukraine is going through a process of substantial structural change which requires significant investment. The EPTATF approved EUR 1.8 m (and earmarked another EUR 1.5 m) in 2013 for the first phase of setting up a multi-sector programme of investments in small to medium sized municipalities across the country, mainly targeting  projects in district heating and energy savings, water and sanitation, and municipal solid waste. The programme aims at helping local utilities to provide higher quality and more reliable services, while increasing energy efficiency and lowering environmental pollution.

Flood protection system master plan for Moldova

The EUR 2m Moldova Flood Protection project was approved in November 2011 to assist and enhance the capacity of Moldova’s Ministry of Environment to design and put into operation the upgrade of the flood protection system. It also set up institutional conditions (institutional framework and capacity development) in line with the EU Flood Directive and Water Framework Directive.

Private sector financing for SMEs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

One of the main challenges for SME development in all five Eastern Partnership Countries is access to finance, as perceived high risk and low profitability constrain such access. In February 2013, EPTATF approved a grant of EUR 200 000 to finance a study on “Private Sector Financing in the Eastern Partnership countries and the Roles of Risk-Bearing Instruments”. The Study identifies gaps in the market for SME financing in the region and provides recommendations on how to improve access to such finance. The synthesis report and reports for countries are available on the Bank’s website.