Private and public mid-sized or large corporate companies

Private and public mid-sized or large corporate companies

The Risk Sharing Finance Facility can provide for higher risk financing made available to innovative private and public corporate companies of different size, legal form, origin and financial profile:

  • Size

    RSFF targets primarily innovative mid-sized companies with an equivalent total permanent full-time staff in the order of 500 - 3.000, however, there is no upper limit for number of total staff, amount of annual turnover or balance sheet total. Companies with permanent full-time staff below 250, an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50m and an annual balance sheet total of up to EUR 43m are referred to as SMEs.
  • Ownership

    public law bodies, private law bodies or mixed entities with (partial) public participation.
  • Legal form

    most legal forms can be supported, including limited and unlimited liability companies, entities established under sole proprietorship or partnerships, listed or unlisted corporations or public service companies, subject to the company’s legal capacity to assume financial obligations.
  • Origin

    legal entities established in all European Union Member States or Associated Countries (ie. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia and Moldova.)
  • Financial profile

    RSFF primarily targets companies which are either not rated by an international rating agency (eg. Standard&Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch’s) or which are rated “triple-B”, “double-B” or equivalent, subject to the company’s sustainable capacity to service its financial obligations.

The beneficiaries of direct RSFF Financing need to demonstrate the capacity to repay loan amounts of at least EUR 7.5m over a typically 5-7 year period for the implementation of eligible RDI projects of at least EUR 15m.

Main financing products available

For projects with a total project (investment) cost of EUR 15m and above and a minimum individual loan amount of EUR 7.5 m, the Bank offers the following individual direct financing options:

Other RSFF beneficiaries

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