Who can benefit – more details

Who can benefit – more details

Projects need to eligible and be technically, economically, financially and environmentally viable according to our project evaluation criteria. Project promoters must be creditworthy, legal entities which are able to assume debt or benefit from a guarantee. They must also demonstrate that they can meet their interest payments, capital reimbursements and other charges in a sustainable fashion via cash flow generated through their regular activity or as a result of an RSFF funded project. Promoters must be located in the EU and Associate Countries.

Mid-sized or large organisations
operating in the private or public sector are defined as having upwards of 500 staff. They would have either no credit rating or be classed as “non-investment grade/speculative” but with a demonstrable capacity to repay at least half the loan over 5-7 years. For projects with a total project investment cost of more than EUR 15m and a minimum individual loan amount of EUR 7.5 m, the we offer the following financing options: direct corporate debt, mezzanine financing & guarantees.

SMEs and smaller midcaps
either private or public, are defined as having fewer than 500 staff. They can benefit from our Risk Sharing Instrument (RSI) which provides unfunded credit risk protection to financial intermediaries through the European Investment Fund.

Research institutes
either commercial, not-for-profit or public in any legal form and any size, engaged in fundamental and/or applied research. For projects with a total project (investment) cost of EUR 15m and above we offer direct debt financing & guarantees. For projects of smaller scale Risk Sharing credit lines are available.

Higher education institutions
of any size engaged in fundamental and/or applied research. For projects with a total project (investment) cost of EUR 15m and above we offer the University Financing Facility

Special Purpose Vehicles
responsible for the design, implementation, financing and operation of a specific project can be financed. The project company must be legally and financially independent. Most company types can be supported but whether the size and complexity of each project is appropriate is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Support is provided though project financing.

Research infrastructure operators
both companies and research organisations implementing and operating large research infrastructure.

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