Central Asia

Central Asia

The EIB is currently active in 3 Central Asian countries: Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and most recently, Kyrgyzstan.  

The loans provided by the EIB come from the lending window for Asia provided under the mandate from the Council and European Parliament for the period 2014-2020, out of which EUR 182 m has been made available for use in Central Asia.

In addition, Central Asian countries are eligible under the Bank’s own risk Climate Action & Environment Facility (CAEF) for investment grade projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture, transportation or storage projects aiming specifically to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and projects contributing substantially to security of EU energy supply.


Since the first EIB loan signed and until the end-December 2015, the EIB has signed 11 operations totalling EUR 368.25 million in the region for major investment projects.