SMEs and Midcaps

SMEs and Midcaps

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are important drivers of growth, employment and innovation in Europe. SMEs represent well over 90% of businesses in the EU and employ two thirds of the active working population. Supporting access to finance for SMEs and midcaps is a top priority for the EIB Group.

In 2016 alone, the EIB Group financed SMEs and midcaps across the globe to the tune of a record EUR 33.6 billion (EIB Group). We supported 300 000 smaller companies, which employ 4.4 million people.


The EIB Group continuously works to strengthening its support for SMEs and midcaps. We heightened cooperation with the EU Member States and public promotional institutions to establish tailor-made innovative financing facilities for SMEs and midcaps to help maximise resources.

Our financial support focuses on developing innovative products and partnerships that facilitate access to finance and improve financing conditions for SMEs and midcaps at all stages of their development.

Together, the EIB and EIF mobilise financial and technical expertise to act as a catalyst for investment in this essential economic sector to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

If you are an SME looking for finance and would like to see which financial intermediaries currently cooperate with the EIB Group, please visit:

Midcaps seeking a loan should contact the EIB directly.

If you are a financial institution and would like to cooperate with the EIB Group please refer to the following pages:

Azkoaga Interiorismo, Spain

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In Bilbao, budding interior designer, Elisabete Azkoaga has been able to turn her dream of opening up her design ideas to a wider public thanks to the help of a €15,000 loan from EIB partner bank, Microbank. After two years of working hard from home, Elisabete wanted to expand her business but lacked the necessary finance. Elisabete’s company, Azkoaga Interiorismo, offers interior design services which incorporate second-hand furniture and objects designed in Africa sourced from local projects. “When I took the decision to open the shop I told a friend about my plans and my need to ask for a loan. She thought that the best thing was to apply for a micro-loan from MicroBank, supported by the European Investment Bank,” she tells us in this short video.

Gulliver Cooperativa Sociale, Italy

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Gulliver is a social cooperative based in Modena, Italy. Like all social cooperatives, Gulliver aims to promote the general welfare of the region in which it operates, ensuring societal benefits through the provision of services to the most needy be these children, people with disabilities, or senior citizens. An EIB loan via partner bank, Banco Popolare, enabled Gulliver to support their all-important work.

Constant renewal for Spanish Businesses

A EUR 4m EIB loan via our partner bank Santander to the Gadea Group Pharmaceuticals was decisive in the group’s growth and renewal process. Driven by its commitment to research, technological development, quality and internationalisation, the Gadea Group grew from six people to now over 300 staff.

A dream cast in carbon steel

SMEs require reliable financing partners for their survival and growth. Many small businesses start as an idea, with little else backing them. One of these companies is the carbon steel company SARA. The company began their partnership with our intermediary CEC Bank receiving loans amounting to EUR 9.9 million, making dreams become reality for the company.

Making finance workable for SMEs in Greece

Thanks to the EIF's support, thousands of innovative SMEs across Europe are able to start-up and expand their businesses. Workable, a software company helping businesses to manage their recruiting process, is one of them. Do you want to know more? Watch the video...

Our products:

The EIB has a wide range of additional products to support private investments for both small and large companies offering flexibility, expertise and creativity to get projects off the ground.

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