Enlargement countries

Enlargement countries

The EIB provides finances for the countries in the enlargement region:

Candidate countries (see definition)

Potential candidate countries (see definition)

Our support and how to receive it

We provide large project loans directly to public and private sector bodies. Contact our Infodesk for more information.

Smaller businesses and regional authorities are also supported. Intermediated loans and microfinance are managed by our network of local partner banks. SMEs also benefit from equity and debt funding via the EIB Group’s European Investment Fund.

Our guarantees help mobilise resources from other sources.

Our technical assistance helps promoters use funding effectively.

We work closely with the European Commission, blending our loans with their grants to achieve an optimal financing package. Financing foreign direct investment receives particular emphasis.

* This designation is without prejudice to the positions expressed by the EU Member States on Kosovo’s status and is in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1244/1999 and the International Court of Justice Opinion of 22 July 2010 on Kosovo’s declaration of independence.