Intermediated lending for SMEs and Midcaps - features

Intermediated lending for SMEs and Midcaps - features

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Are you a company looking for finance to start-up or expand your business?

EIB cooperates with a wide range of financial intermediaries that offer financial products targeting small and medium sized companies (also including micro-enterprises).

What is intermediated lending for SMEs and Midcaps?

Loans to financial institutions located in the EU, neighbouring countries or other countries around the world, which subsequently on-lend to final beneficiaries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, including micro-enterprises) or medium-sized companies (Midcaps). Depending on the risk and other features of the specific operation, this product may be supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) or other mandates managed by the EIB.

Who is eligible?

  • Banks, leasing companies, national promotional banks or institutions

Key benefits of EIB intermediated lending for SMEs and Midcaps

  • Long tenors and attractive pricing
  • Quality stamp and positive signalling effect
  • Long-term perspective, with a view to supporting EU public policy objectives

Indicative features


medium and long-term loans


Banks, leasing companies, national promotional banks or institutions (a Financial Intermediary)


to fund the Financial Intermediary’s financing of new capital expenditure and/or working capital investment of final beneficiaries


underlying loans are to finance investments by SMEs (including micro-enterprises) and/or Midcaps (including small Midcaps) into tangible and intangible assets, including purchase or renovation of assets, long-term working capital, etc.

Typically underlying loans to individual final beneficiaries of up to EUR 12.5m are eligible for allocation under EIB intermediated lending for SMEs and Midcaps.

Loan size (to the Financial Intermediary)

Indicatively above EUR 25m (smaller on a case-by-case basis), taking into account:

  • the credit risk limits applicable for the risk profile of the borrower and the operation structure, and
  • the need to on-lend at least double of the EIB financing to eligible final beneficiaries

Example: a Financial Intermediary takes an EIB loan of EUR 100m to on-lend to SMEs. Accordingly the Financial Intermediary must commit to the EIB that it will provide at least EUR 200m to SMEs during a specified timeframe.


up to 12 years, depending on credit risk profile



Covenants & security

secured (including through asset backed securities or covered bonds) or unsecured; decided on a case-by-case basis


reflects the credit risk profile and EIB funding advantage based on its excellent rating

On-lending by the Financial Intermediary to final beneficiaries

commitment to on-lend the funds to eligible final beneficiaries within a specified timeframe

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