The EIB Group has a longstanding record in microfinance through the activities of the EIB, the EIF and the EIB institute. We have supported microfinance institutions (MFIs), fund managers and other industry stakeholders in addressing specific market failures and promoting sustainable and responsible financial services for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and low income self-employed.

The EIB Group is committed to taking part in microfinance operations that demonstrate enhanced social and environmental policies, impact and added value.

Investing in women and a future for Jordan

The European Investment Bank (EIB ) is helping to create opportunities in countries in North Africa and the Middle East by backing entrepreneurship and microenterprises – particularly among women, and young people. This, and investment in key infrastructure is helping to support  “economic resilience”  in countries hosting numbers of refugees. By supporting the Microfund for Women (MFW), the EIB is throwing its weight behind a highly successful initiative for low income women in Jordan helping to build a sustainable future in the region.

Finding financial refuge

Refugees have few financing options when they’re trying to settle in a new country. Even migrants from within the European Union are increasingly rejected by banks’ automated loan procedures because they lack background data. With waves of refugees arriving from the Middle East and large movements of workers seeking stable incomes within the Union, microfinance loans are more and more important to the continent’s economic future.

Key figures

  • EUR 741 MILLION: Amount engaged by the EIB since the first microfinance operations in 1992
  • 80: Number of microfinance intermediaries benefiting from our investments as of December 2015
  • EUR 667 MILLION: EIB’s active microfinance portfolio as of December 2015

Operations are financed from the EIB’s own resources or under the European Union’s mandates and use a combination of financial and non-financial instruments.

The EIB Group is to date active in microfinance in these regions:

Microfinance Centre of Expertise (MCE)

Created in 2008, the Microfinance Centre of Expertise (MCE) acts as the knowledge-sharing platform for EIB professionals from a variety of backgrounds for exchanging and capitalising on experiences, best practices and industry developments. Through this joint resource, the EIB participates in various microfinance sector initiatives.

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