Technical assistance

Technical assistance

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The EIB Group provides technical assistance via grants to enhance the development impact of its projects and strengthen the capacity of its financial counterparties and final beneficiaries. Funds are intended mainly to address weaknesses in human resources management and operations, management information systems (MIS) and technology, governance, internal audit and risk management procedures. Technical assistance affords further support for the establishment of new well-governed microfinance institutions or for helping existing ones to fully integrate into their local financial sector by obtaining financing from local banks. The grants can also be used to sponsor feasibility and market studies that accompany and reinforce the efficiency of individual projects, underpinning the initial project preparation stage.


Amount deployed by the EIB since its inception across 18 technical assistance contracts to its projects and to carry out market studies.

ACP region

Cotonou Subsidy Envelope

85% of EIB's microfinance-related technical assistance grants are channeled to microfinance institutions in the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, on the budget of the Investment Facility (the Cotonou Subsidy Envelope). As of end of 2014, the EIB has financed close to EUR 30 million technical assistance service contracts to 11 Microfinance Investment Vehicles and Microfinance holding groups and directly to 4 microfinance institutions. The number of microfinance institutions and banks directly assisted by EIB through technical assistance is set to grow with the establishment of two regional technical assistance framework programmes in East Africa and Southern Africa. These programmes aim to improve bank management and practices amongst a number of partner institutions across East Africa and Southern Africa and also targets SMEs and micro-enterprises within these regions.

The EIB Rural Impulse Symposium II

In 2013, within the framework of the technical assistance programme carried out for ACP investees of Rural Impulse Fund II, one of the EIB’s MIVs, the EIB funded the RIF II Symposium. This was organised to encourage peer-to-peer learning and best practice sharing for rural microfinance institutions. The Symposium brought together more than 50 participants from 17 countries.

Fourth memorandum of understanding with the Government of Luxembourg:

At the end 2014, the EIB signed a fourth memorandum of understanding with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on funding technical assistance programs related to the promotion of microfinance activities in African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries. Under the three previous MoUs, the EIB provided just over EUR 5 Million of Luxembourg-funded TA grants for capacity building purposes for greenfield and early stage microfinance institutions in a number of ACP countries, including Namibia, Tanzania and Chad.

MENA region

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, the EIB in cooperation with the Luxembourgish Government and the participation of Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA), is developing MicroMED Tunisia, a key microfinance support pilot programme for developing the Tunisian microfinance sector, by providing technical assistance, capacity building and preparing loans.


Supporting microfinance inside Europe: EaSI microfinance advisory services

In Europe, most of the technical assistance has been granted through the Joint action to Support Microfinance Institutions (JASMINE) initiative. JASMINE was launched as a pilot initiative in September 2008 by the European Commission (EC) and the EIB Group. Over the period 2008-2013, the initiative was successfully managed by the EIF and provided technical assistance to 70 selected EU microcredit providers. JASMINE focused on improving the quality of microcredit providers and establishing good practice in this sector through Capacity building services provided to the microcredit providers as well as through Microfinance Development tools and services for the entire microfinance sector.

Given the positive impact of JASMINE on the sector and its complementarity with existing and forthcoming EU microfinance programmes such as financial instruments under the European Progress Microfinance Facility (EPMF) and the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), JASMINE-type activities have been prolonged in the framework of the 2014-2020 programming period. To ensure coherent continuation of these activities, the initiative is integrated under fi-compass, which is a platform for advisory services on financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and microfinance under EaSI. Under fi-compass which is implemented by the EIB and funded by the EC, the support activities for European microcredit providers offered by the JASMINE initiative during 2008-2013 will be continued under a dedicated work stream named “EaSI Technical Assistance” that also reflects the work stream’s complementarity with the implementation of the microfinance instruments designed under the EaSI Programme.

Call for Expression of Interest

The EIB shall issue calls for expression of interest to identify and select European microcredit providers which will benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance. Below you will find the first EaSI Technical Assistance Call for Expression of Interest (Call) that is open. Applicants should follow the terms of this Call.

Identification and selection of EaSI Technical Assistance Beneficiaries 2015

  • Date: 6 March 2015 – 31 May 2015
  • Reference: EaSI-BE/2015/01

The EIB is launching its first Call for Expression of Interest to identify and select up to 30 European microcredit providers which will benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance starting in 2015. If you are a microcredit provider and you wish to apply to EaSI Technical Assistance, you should complete and submit an application as per template included in the Call. Applicants are selected on a “first come, first served” basis provided that selection conditions are met. Download the Call for Expression of Interest below.




Launch of Call for Expression of Interest



Deadline for request for clarifications


Deadline for Expression of Interest