Developing new opportunities in the southern Mediterranean

Developing new opportunities in the southern Mediterranean

All our work to support the economic and social development of the Mediterranean partner countries [1] is brought together under FEMIP, which supports growth and job creation in two priority areas:

  • Private sector support:
    • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)
    • Industrial sector: e.g. cement and steel works, chemical and metallurgical plants, high-tech industries, the automotive sector and agro-industry
  • Creating an investment-friendly environment enabling the private sector to flourish by improving infrastructure in the following sectors:
    • Energy: power generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energies
    • Transport and telecoms: airports, air transport, roads and motorways, bridges, railways, telecoms
    • Environment: water and sanitation, solid waste disposal and treatment, pollution abatement, irrigation
    • Human and social capital: construction and refurbishment of hospitals and healthcare centres, education and research facilities, social housing

Mediterranean in 2016 – an overview

  • A total of EUR 1.585 billion in loans signed for 16 operations, and over EUR 1.589 billion disbursed during the year.
  • 12 of the signed loans were dedicated to the private sector, accounting for two-thirds of the volume
  • SMEs in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco will be benefit from 50% of the financial volume
  • Egypt accounted for EUR 890m of the total, with Tunisia taking a further EUR 408m.

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A major player

FEMIP began in 2002, an important intensification of a more than 30-year financial partnership between the region and the EIB. Since 2002, over EUR 19 bn has been invested through FEMIP.

A partnership role

FEMIP has become a key player in the partnership between the EU and the Mediterranean partner countries, part of a process encouraging economic renewal and openness. We cooperate with several national and multilateral actors and we actively support the goals of the Union for the Mediterranean.

[1] Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya*, Morocco, Palestine**, Syria* and Tunisia.

* The EIB will start operating in Libya after it signs a Framework Agreement with the country – currently under preparation. Following EU sanctions in November 2011, the EIB has suspended all loan disbursements and technical advisory contracts for projects in Syria.

** This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of the Member States on this issue.

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Impact across the world

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