The EIB in Romania

The EIB in Romania

EIB loan signatures in Romania amounted to EUR 211 million in 2015. Of this figure, 57% was financed in the services sector, with another 35% benefitting Romania’s SMEs and Midcaps. The remaining 8% was financed in industry projects. Over the past five years (2011-2015), the Bank has invested EUR 2.6 billion in the Romanian economy.

A dream cast in carbon steel

SMEs require trustworthy financing partners for their survival and growth. Many small businesses start as an idea, with little else backing them. One of these companies is the carbon steel company SARA. The company began their partnership with our intermediary CEC Bank receiving loans amounting to EUR 9.9 million, making dreams become reality for the company.

Expanding Bucharest’s metro system

The design, construction and commissioning of an extension of the Bucharest Metro Line 5 is being part funded with a EUR 465m EIB loan. This will develop a new east-west public transport corridor in the capital, helping to boost growth potential and reduce car-related pollution.

Low energy buildings

Part of Romania’s national thermal rehabilitation programme, an EIB-supported scheme, aims to rehabilitate 66 380 apartments in four district authorities in the capital city. Our loans are financing up to 75% of the programme’s investment costs, providing insulation of walls, windows, roofs, and cellars.

Supporting rural development in Romania

We have signed a EUR 300 million loan to finance priority projects under the Romanian Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013. In particular, afforestation, improvement of forest management and protection, and small-scale rural and agricultural infrastructure investments will be supported. Our backing will generate employment in Romania’s rural areas and increase the use of renewable energy resources.

How to receive EIB support in Romania:

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