Infrastructure is an essential pillar that interconnects internal markets and economies. These projects play an important role in economic growth, sustainability and job creation, as well as ensuring competitiveness.

New investment in infrastructure requires substantial financing at reasonable costs. As the EU bank, we have made it a top priority to ensure that we continue supporting these initiatives, investing in energy efficiency, transport, water and sustainable urban infrastructure. Our projects are ambitious and vital to maintain economic growth in Europe and beyond.

In 2016, the EIB provided EUR 19.7 billion to support infrastructure projects. More than 55 million people benefit from these projects, in particular in less developed European regions.


We offer more than just finance for infrastructure projects. In addition, and as a complement to our significant experience in infrastructure lending, we seek to add value through technical advisory services, particularly in less developed regions or on projects involving complex structures, such as public-private partnerships.

Impact across the world

Development is about expertise and influence—not just money. To help end poverty, fight climate change and bring ravaged cities back from disaster, the European Investment Bank supported 87 new projects outside the EU last year. Here are some of the results we expect.

The path to road safety in Ukraine and its neighbours

Lviv’s roads saw 5958 accidents, 47 fatalities and about a thousand injuries last year. These figures are even higher in the rest of the Ukraine. The European Investment Bank’s Eastern road safety projects will make roads safer for 3.3 million users.