Climate and environment

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Climate and environment

Climate and environment

Climate action

Climate actionClimate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time. Immediate and coordinated action is crucial to overcome its effects. As the EU bank, we have made climate action one of our top priorities and today we are the largest multilateral provider of climate finance worldwide.

We commit to climate change adaptation and mitigation more than 25% of our total financing. For investments in developing countries, this figure will rise to 35% by 2020.

Over the next five years we will provide around USD 100bn for climate-related projects as we help turn the COP21 ambitious Paris agreement into reality.


EnvironmentWe back projects that protect the environment our children will live in while we innovate to make their future more prosperous. In line with our responsible approach to investment, environmental concerns are reflected in all our projects.

In 2016, the EU bank financed EUR 16.9 billion in projects for our natural and human environment, which includes biodiversity, clear air, clean water, sustainable transport, renewable energy and energy efficiency.