The EIB in Poland

The EIB in Poland

EIB financing in Poland amounted to EUR 5.5 billion in 2015. Transport and Telecommunications infrastructure claimed 40% of the lending total, with a further 19% supporting the services sector in the country. 17% of 2015 funding in Poland benefitted the Polish SMEs and Midcaps. In the past five years (2011-2015), we invested almost EUR 26.5 billion in Poland.

Boosting Poland’s competitive edge through R&D in technology

Polish research centres and universities have been investing strongly in R&D initiatives, with the aim of maintaining a competitive edge and a high standard for scientific investigation. Over the last eleven years the EIB has been backing Poland’s new science reforms with financial support for R&D activities across a wide range of sectors. Since 2004, we have extended 14 loans totalling almost EUR 5.5bn to Polish R&D. And these investments are starting to bear fruit.

Electrical evolution

To support the Poland’s ambitious renewable energy plans, we provided a PLN 178 million (EUR 45 million) loan for the construction and operation of a wind farm, located on two sites to the east and west of the village of Margonin. The windfarm produces enough electricity to meet the demand of about 55 000 households and accounts for 5% of Poland’s total installed wind capacity.

Support for construction of expressway

We are lending EUR 490 million to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego for the construction of new environmentally friendly sections of the S8, S12 and S17 expressways in central Poland. The project aims to ease the flow of long-distance traffic around Warsaw and will contribute considerably to improved road safety in the region.

Orchestrating harmonious revival in Katowice

We supported the reconstruction of the Katowice city centre to the tune of some EUR 65 million. The loan helped finance, among others, the construction of the NOSPR concert hall, an outstanding modern cultural venue. The hall which seats 1800 is the home to Poland’s leading orchestra.

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