The EIB in Poland

The EIB in Poland

EIB financing in Poland amounted to EUR 5.5 billion in 2015. Transport and Telecommunications infrastructure claimed 40% of the lending total, with a further 19% supporting the services sector in the country. 17% of 2015 funding in Poland benefitted the Polish SMEs and Midcaps. In the past five years (2011-2015), we invested almost EUR 26.5 billion in Poland.

Developing the West Pomerania region

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How a EUR 64 million framework loan from the European Investment Bank helped the West Pomerania region in Poland improve transport safety, upgrade its health services and protect the cultural heritage. 

Former power plant gives Łódź energy

Poland’s third-largest city gets a big urban renewal project in a revitalized power plant. After years of economic decline, this historic centre of the textile industry got support from JASPERS, a technical assistance partnership managed by the EIB, to help the city become attractive again.

How to receive EIB support in Poland:

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