Within the European Union

Within the European Union

As the European Union's bank, about 90% of our funding is directed towards promoting sustainable growth and job creation in the Member States. This includes support of regional policies such as those in the Baltic Sea and Danube areas.

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The European Fund for Strategic Investments

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Years of crisis have posed a threat to Europe’s potential for innovative growth and dulled our competitive edge. Competitiveness relies on investment. In Europe, good projects currently struggle to find investment. Money is available in the system but economic uncertainty stops many investors from taking risks. The Investment Plan for Europe is putting our money back to work – for the benefit of all Europeans.

The EIB looking ahead to 2015 and beyond

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Since markets froze in 2008, the EU Bank has responded to Europe’s call to jump-start the troubled economy by increasing our investment activities. Now, alongside our partners at the European Commission, we are setting up the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) which will mobilise EUR 315 billion of total investment for Europe over three years.