The EIB in Hungary

The EIB in Hungary

EIB investment in Hungary for 2015 reached EUR 1.4 billion, almost doubling the 2014 investment of EUR 750 million. Our investments crossed all sectors of the Hungarian economy, from services with 27%, through transport accounting for 26%. Notable contributions were also made to the water sector as well as urban development, energy and SMEs. Over the past five years, the Bank has invested EUR 5.9 billion in the country.

Upgrading Hungary’s railway network

We are lending EUR 40 million to help the Hungarian railways to finance the purchase of new rolling stock and introduce safety improvements. This will help to provide higher quality railway services on the Austrian-Hungarian cross-border railway network along the strategic trans-European transport corridor.

New research opportunities in Hungary and beyond

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ELI Network is a laser-based research facility based in Hungary. Watch the video and discover how the European Investment Bank, through InnovFin funding, has helped the facility bring new research opportunities to the international scientific community.

How to receive EIB support in Hungary:

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