Pre-employment screening at the EIB

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Pre-employment screening at the EIB

The EIB conducts pre-employment background checks (screenings) on external candidates applying to vacant positions at the EIB.

The screenings are conducted by a third-party service provider operating worldwide.

Pre-employment screening may be conducted on a number of candidates to positions at the EIB filled through external recruitment; and is launched generally after interview stage. Failure to consent to pre-employment screening will end the recruitment process.

Pre-employment screening will include checks in relation to educational, professional, and criminal background.

Candidates will receive an e-mail from our provider requesting that they proceed to their web-page to begin the pre-employment screening procedure. The service provider will first request candidates to electronically sign a consent form, after which they will be asked to provide information on their background through a web-based questionnaire.

Upon completion, the service provider communicates the results of the screening to the EIB.

What about data protection?

 The external service providers operate worldwide and candidates’ personal data could therefore be transferred to and possibly stored in countries outside of the EEA. The providers will ensure that personal information receives at least the same level of protection as within the EEA. This includes ensuring that it is kept secure, only used and released in accordance with instructions received from the EIB and for the purposes indicated at the time of collection of the data, or where required by law.

Candidates will be asked for their explicit consent to have their personal data possibly sent, transferred and stored outside the EEA in order to conduct the pre-employment screening.