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FAQ - Jobs

The Bank receives many requests for information and certain questions recur regularly. Please check if your query can be answered by one of the categories below.

Are competitions organised?

The EIB does not recruit through competitions or “concours”. EIB vacancies are published on our website. We publish also on other job websites and the international press, national newspapers and specialised press of the Member States of the European Union. Candidates are selected further to the examination of the applications received in response to the specific vacancy notices.


Can I send a spontaneous generic application to the EIB?

We regret that we can only process the applications responding specifically to currently open vacancies. If you would like to work for the EIB but none of the existing vacancies fit your profile, we advise you to continue to consult the website from time to time and to apply only to existing vacancies.


Can I withdraw or delete my application?

Upon your specific request to HR Staffing Division your application and personal data can be deleted.

Should you wish to withdraw your application from a specific job opening, please contact HR Staffing by completing the online form, indicating your applicant number and the job opening id and title.


How do I know if my application has been received?

You will receive an electronic acknowledgement of the application to the e-mail address you have provided, as soon as your details have been integrated into the Bank's database. Once your application has been examined you will receive information about the status of your application by email.


How long does it take for the EIB to make an appointment decision on an advertised vacancy?

Time delay to decision depends on a number of factors, such as the role sought, the number of qualified candidates who apply, the priorities in processing various open vacancies and the organisation of interviews in Luxembourg. We aim at filling open posts in the shortest possible timeframe.


How long will the EIB preserve my data?

Your application and personal data will be preserved in the HR database for a period of 5 years from the last application date and be destroyed thereafter.


How should I send my application?

You must apply on-line for specific job openings available through the e-recruitment candidate portal. Please consult the “how to apply” section of this website. Bearing in mind the large number of applications received and our aim to process them efficiently, we can only accept on-line applications to current vacancies. Application forms or CVs sent by post, fax or e-mail will not be accepted.


Should I send diplomas and certificates when I apply?

Copies of diplomas are not required when applying for a job but will be requested at a later stage of the recruitment procedure. Upon submitting the on-line application, candidates certify that the statements made thereon are complete and true. Any willful misstatement may lead to disqualification from employment or disciplinary action in accordance with the policies of the EIB group.


What is the time limit for submitting an application?

The EIB e-recruitment application on the website is the sole point of reference. Applications are accepted for as long as the vacancy is advertised therein. Certain specialised sites may also publish advertisements, although the EIB is not responsible for any delays in updating.
If necessary, additional information (deadline, post not immediately vacant, preliminary campaign, etc.) is included in the advertisement.


What will happen with my application if it is not successful?

All application data and documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality pursuant to the EC regulation 45/2001.

With your consent, if your profile matches another position than the one you have applied for, the HR Staffing Division may contact you to ask you whether you would be interested in applying.


Which nationalities can apply for an EIB job or for the GRAD programme?

Only applications from nationals/passport holders of the Member States of the European Union are considered as well as citizens from acceding countries. (Countries that have signed the treaty of accession* obtain the status of 'acceding countries' and are expected to become full member states on the date set out in the treaty).

Which nationalities can apply for an internship ?

Trainees will be selected among nationals of the Member States of the European Union and candidate countries. A limited number of non- EU nationals may be considered.

Which nationalities can apply for a FEMIP internship ?

This programme is open only to students who are nationals/passport holders of the Mediterranean partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Gaza/West Bank, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia).


I am not a national of a Member Country of the European Union, but have a work permit for the EU. Can I still apply for a vacancy at the EIB?

No, the possession of a work permit in the EU is not sufficient by itself to be eligible for an EIB post.


Is there a quota system limiting the numbers of staff of the different nationalities of the Member States?

There is not a quota system on the nationalities of staff. Nonetheless, the Bank’s Statutes (art. 11.7) require staff selection processes to consider, not only personal ability and qualifications, but also the attainment of an equitable representation of the nationals of the Bank’s Member States. This may mean that in cases where competence levels of candidates are comparable, preference may be given to candidates of under-represented nationalities.


What are the working languages of the EIB?

The two official working languages at the European Investment Bank are English and French. Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and/or French and good command of the other language are required. In practice, however, numerous languages are spoken in the day-to-day work, therefore knowledge of other EU languages would be an advantage. The EIB provides access to language training for staff.


How can I get further assistance for my application?

Given the high level of interest raised by the EIB, however, we may not be able to respond to all individual queries as promptly as we would like to. In order to provide you with a better service, we recommend that you read the information provided on the website carefully. If after reading it you still have a question related with recruitment or EIB employment matters, you may contact us by completing the online form.

Please note that emails to this e-mail address regarding matters other than employment at the EIB cannot be treated. Please ensure that you do not send your applications or CVs through the address, as they can not be processed properly. You are invited to use the on-line application facilities.

Candidates having submitted an application and received an acknowledgement will be given feedback as soon as their application has been assessed. Candidates having participated in selection tests may receive feedback upon request from their recruitment contact.

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