Corporate responsibility governance

Corporate responsibility governance

Corporate responsibility is embedded in the EIB’s mission and Corporate Operational Plan. We operate on a non-profit basis and contribute to the balanced and steady development of the European Union and beyond. Our sense of corporate responsibility is reflected by our support for the creation of a sustainable and inclusive economy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

EIB Group activities and decisions are driven by the need to improve environmental and social impacts, to foster governance, to strengthen the future viability of our counterparts’ business activities contributing towards the attainment of the EU’s objectives. This way, the EIB Group contributes to sustainable development and is held accountable by stakeholders and society.

The corporate responsibility team reports to the EIB’s Secretary General. We also work with a bank-wide network of corporate responsibility champions, who are experts in the different key building blocks of our Corporate Responsibility Performance, in order to engage the staff in understanding and promote best practice within the bank.

Our good corporate citizenship

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