Venture capital

Venture capital

Through our venture capital facility, we finance venture capital funds and security packages for funds as well as offering conditional and subordinated loans. We bridge market gaps by working with the financial sector in each EU country.

This activity is managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF), part of the EIB Group. The EIF sets-up, manages and advises venture capital fund-of-funds, most of which are entrusted by third parties such as the EIB, the European Commission, the Member States and regional authorities.

If you are a fund manager…

We help venture capital and private equity fund managers provide risk capital to growth SMEs. We also support investment in funds that target early stage companies developing or using advanced technologies. You could also become an EIF financial intermediary under the JEREMIE programme which uses EU economic development aid to help SMEs.

If you are an innovative SME…

To secure equity investment, contact the private equity and venture capital funds that have signed an agreement with the EIF. The funds make investment decisions based on commercial criteria. Find the fund managers in your country by clicking here.