Operational Plan 2016-2018

Operational Plan 2016-2018

  •  Release date: 22 January 2016
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The EIB pledges a major contribution to the EU response to economic, financial, social, and climate challenges in its ambitious Operational Plan for 2016-2018. It builds on the Group’s impressive record, especially as measured by the unprecedented catalytic effect on EU investment achieved in 2015.

The overall signature targets (under the Bank’s own resources) of around EUR 71 billion a year are consistent with those set for 2015. Of these overall targets, higher-risk Special Activities will be between EUR 17-24 billion a year—a significant increase compared to the 2015 target of EUR 8.6 billion.

High volumes of traditional lending, blending and advising activities are needed to make a vital contribution to EU Policy Goals and to fulfil the Bank’s responsibilities as the EU bank. Alongside these traditional activities, the Bank’s contribution to the Investment Plan for Europe is an unprecedented challenge. It requires a major change in the Bank’s business profile for years to come. To maintain high volumes with the foreseen business mix, new approaches will be required, reaching new sectors, tapping new clients, and marketing new products.

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