EIB 2005 Corporate Responsibility Report

EIB 2005 Corporate Responsibility Report

  •  Release date: 24 July 2006
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In publishing its first Corporate Responsibility report, the EIB creates a new communication channel with its stakeholders. This integrated report on Corporate Responsibility is an essential piece of work for a better understanding of the EIB's contribution to sustainable development. It builds on the previously existing Environmental Report and is enriched by elements of the Bank's corporate governance and other developments regarding transparency, integrity, and ethical and social issues.

The EIB acknowledges the direct impacts on its customers, suppliers and employees as well as the environmental impact of its facilities. As a financial institution functioning in a modern economy, the Bank is further aware of the possible major impacts of its investment decisions, and the way they may affect the global challenges of our society.

This report aims to describe how the EIB voluntarily integrates Corporate Responsibility concerns into its business operations and its interaction with its stakeholders. It is part of an on-going process of building and improving Corporate Responsibility policies and as such should be read as an element in a continuous improvement cycle. In compiling this report, EIB followed relevant best practices and standards and international guidelines, namely the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2002 Sustainability Reporting guidelines, including the special supplement for financial institutions. Measures reported are based on internal Key Performance, Core and Balanced Scorecard Indicators.

This report forms part of a continuum of engagement and trust-building that is intended to meet the reasonable expectations of our stakeholders in this area.

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