Investment and Investment Finance – Funding Growth and Recovery in Europe

Investment and Investment Finance – Funding Growth and Recovery in Europe

  •  Date: 10 April 2017
  •  Location:
    • Central Bank of Ireland, North Wall Quay
    • Dublin
    • Ireland

As part of a series of events organised to debate current trends in investment and investment finance at the national level in different EU Member States, the EIB is co-organising a half-day conference on “Investment and Investment Finance – Funding Growth and Recovery in Europe” with the Central Bank of Ireland.  

The EIB’s annual report on “Investment and Investment Finance in Europe” provides an overview of the cyclical and structural dynamics behind investment and financing choices in Europe. This year’s edition reveals that although investment is recovering in Europe, that recovery is slow and uneven among countries and asset classes. At the EU level, public infrastructure investment is significantly behind long-term trends as fiscal consolidation policies have been penalising gross fixed capital formation. The corporate sector is driving the slow recovery of investment but the dynamics are disappointing and a significant gap in terms of “quality” of the capital stock can be detected.

Understanding the reasons behind this slow recovery in investment is key to defining appropriate intervention policies. In this context, the EIB has launched a new initiative – the annual EIB Investment Survey (EIBIS), which collects qualitative and quantitative data from 12,500 SMEs and larger non-financial companies in all 28 EU member states. The data covers information on firm characteristics and performance, past investment activities and future plans, sources of finance, and challenges that businesses face.

Beyond the presentation of these findings, the event with enable a broader debate on investment needs and priorities. It will target a group of economists, policymakers, and representatives from financial institutions and the business community.

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