InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators and Growth Companies in Poland

InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators and Growth Companies in Poland

  •  Date: 06 November 2014
     Time : 10.00 To 14.00
  •  Location:
    • Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre
    • Warsaw
    • Poland

The EIB Group, with the support of the National Contact Point for Financial Instruments of the EU Programmes and the Polish Banking Association, organized an interactive seminar on their financial products for innovative and growth businesses in Poland on Thursday 6 November, from 10.00-14.00.

The seminar consisted of concise product presentations followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives from the local business community as well as feedback from beneficiaries. It was open to CEOs, CFOs and top management of innovative and growth companies (from large SMEs to corporates) in the automotive, ICT, biotech and industrial sectors, as well as financial intermediaries, financial advisory organizations and industry associations.

There were speakers from the European Commission and EIB Group, and participation from the Polish Banking Association, BGK, National Centre for Research and Development, World Bank and Synthos.

Both the EU and the EIB Group intend to more than double their combined support for research and innovation in Europe over the next 7 years, making more than EUR 24bn available. Furthermore, the EIB is lending above EUR 5bn per year and since 2001 has supported nine private equity funds investing in Polish SMEs, which has in turn mobilized EUR 1.1bn invested by portfolio funds. This seminar highlighted the financing opportunities and the extensive range of support currently available to businesses in Poland.

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