EIB Blockchain Challenge

Coders at the EIB: watch the video


The event in images

EIB Blockchain Challenge 2018
Group photo of coders, representatives from the banking sector and fintech experts participating in the event, at the main atrium of the EIB headquarters
Alexander Stubb, EIB Vice-President responsible for funding and treasury, in his opening speech at the EIB Blockchain Challenge
At the Blockchain Challenge, over 50 coders work for two days (and two nights!) to optimise financial transactions using blockchain technology
One of the female coders participating in the event
While some coders work independently, others have teamed up to overcome the challenge
Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance, at the EIB Blockchain Challenge
Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance, in his opening speech at the EIB Blockchain Challenge
Minister Pierre Gramegna, discussing with a group of coders at the event
Minister Pierre Gramegna, during his opening speech at the event
The winners of the EIB Blockchain Challenge: the EY team, with an innovative solution to improve transactions using blockchain and robotics


Podcast: Is Bitcoin a cryptocurrency or a commodity?

Bitcoin has been all over the financial press throughout the past year or so, thanks to huge volatility. We invited Markus Willms from the EIB’s Finance directorate’s systems and data management division into A Dictionary of Finance’s studio to explain things.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The recently launched Blockchain Observatory and Forum aims to highlight key developments of the blockchain technology, promote European actors and reinforces European engagement with multiple stakeholders involved in blockchain activities.

Podcast: Treasure hunt

Treasury controls and manages the bank’s money to make sure that funds are available when needed. What does the treasury have to do with flamenco dancing? Well, you will simply need to listen in to this conversation with Francisco Castro Gutierrez, head of the treasury back-office at the EIB, to find out.