EIBIS 2016 - Austria overview

  •  Date: 20/03/2017
This brochure provides an overview of 2016 results for Austria.

Briefing - Evaluation of the Functioning of the European Fund for Strategic Investments

  •  Date: 17/03/2017
The evaluation is based on a review of relevant documents, a portfolio analysis and interviews with around 75 relevant stakeholders.

EIB annual 18-K/A report 2015 (Amendment No. 8)

  •  Date: 15/03/2017
On 14 March 2017, the European Investment Bank filed Amendment No. 8 to the 18-K report 2015 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Investing in Ukraine’s future

  •  Date: 15/03/2017
The EIB Group has fully delivered on the Special Action Plan for Ukraine, signing, over the past three years, 15 transactions totalling more than EUR 3bn.

Closing the Gap on Air Traffic Management Investment Needs

  •  Date: 15/03/2017
The EIB aims to support Air Traffic Management projects by continuing to develop financial instruments that meet the industry’s needs.

InnovFin Energy Demo Projects

  •  Date: 13/03/2017
InnovFin Energy Demo Projects provides loans or loan guarantees between EUR 7.5m and 75m to first-of-a-kind commercial-scale demonstration projects in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen and fuel cells.

InnovFin Infectious Diseases

  •  Date: 13/03/2017
InnovFin Infectious Diseases aims to stimulate investments in the development of innovative vaccines, drugs, medical and diagnostic devices or novel research infrastructures for infectious diseases.

InnovFin Large Projects

  •  Date: 13/03/2017
InnovFin Large Projects provides loans and guarantees from EUR 25m to 300m for R&I projects.

InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance

  •  Date: 13/03/2017
InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance offers long term senior, subordinated or mezzanine loans from EUR 7.5m to 25m for innovative eligible midcaps.

InnovFin MidCap Guarantee

  •  Date: 13/03/2017
InnovFin MidCap Guarantee provides guarantees and counter-guarantees on debt financing of up to EUR 50m, in order to improve access to finance for innovative midcaps.