JASPERS Networking Platform Activity Report 2014

JASPERS Networking Platform Activity Report 2014

  •  Release date: 05 August 2015
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The JASPERS Networking Platform was established in early 2013 to complement JASPERS project advisory operations by implementing knowledge sharing and targeted capacity building activities, as well as fostering dissemination of good practices and exchange of experiences among all EU member states and pre-accession countries.

Activities are closely coordinated with the European Commission and aim at supporting both the short-term goals of improving project quality and increasing absorption of EU Structural and Investment funds, and the long-term goal of ensuring that JASPERS operations have a sustainable and lasting impact.

The focus is on thematic areas, policy requirements, horizontal matters and common issues affecting project preparation and implementation.

The 2014 Networking Platform Activity Report provides an overview of the activities performed in the second year of operations for the benefit of national administrations, the European Commission and JASPERS Partners.

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