JASPERS Annual Report 2010

JASPERS Annual Report 2010

jaspers annual report 2010 en

JASPERS completed 159 assignments in 2010 compared to 133 in 2009. At end-December 2010, JASPERS had a portfolio of 399 assignments. Major projects (costing over €50 million) accounted for some 77% of the active assignments, the remainder consisting mainly of support for non-major projects and horizontal assignments to tackle bottlenecks or issues affecting multiple projects or sub-sectors.

In 2010 the 12 beneficiary EU Member States submitted to the Commission 89 JASPERS-supported applications for EU funding under Structural Funds, compared with 61 the year before. A total of 58 major projects was approved by the Commission (45 in 2009) and a further 27 non-major projects were approved by national authorities during the year. From the beginning of JASPERS operations in late 2006 until 31 December 2010, 103 JASPERS-supported major project applications were approved.

JASPERS supported 80% of projects submitted to the Commission from the EU-12 countries and 90% of those approved as at 31 December 2010. The total investment volume for the projects supported by JASPERS-completed assignments from 2006 to 2010 was over EUR 40 billion, out of which the investment volume of projects approved by the Commission was over EUR 16 billion. These projects are concentrated in the following sectors: roads; ports, airports and railways; water and wastewater; urban infrastructure; solid waste and energy; and knowledge economy.

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