A Dictionary of Finance

with Allar and Matt



Allar and Matt work at the European Investment Bank. But they’re not banking experts. In fact, when they talk to colleagues who are bankers, they often get a bit confused by the strange technical words and phrases they hear. Sometimes they’d say to each other: If only there was a podcast that would explain these things... Well, now there is. Allar and Matt made one to help you understand finance and economics. So if you’re a student or a business owner or someone who wants to understand what politicians are talking about when they discuss the economy, listen to A Dictionary of Finance.

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Podcast: Can we interest you in inflation?

Interest rates—you’ve certainly paid them. But why did you pay the particular interest rate you had to pay? Who figures that out, and how? That calculation is related to a lot of other stuff. To the inflation rate—whatever that is. To economic ......

 Date 17/07/2017
 Duration 29:04

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Unicorns really do exist

 Date 10/07/2017
 Duration 05:30

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Equity and Debt

 Date 05/07/2017
 Duration 29:13

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 Date 29/06/2017
 Duration 24:51