Ecos Chocen, Czech Republic

Ecos Chocen, Czech Republic

  •  Date: 15 June 2016
  •  Duration: 02:30

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For over 20 years, the private family-owned engineering company Ecos Choceň has been manufacturing automotive components in its factory an hour’s drive from Prague. Having started out in rented premises with 10 staff members, the firm now occupies 10 000 m² of production and warehouse space and employs a total of 275 people. In order to remain competitive, Ecos Choceň needed to expand and introduce new technology. The firm was able to support its plans for expansion with a loan of almost EUR 740 000 from Komercni Banka under the EIB’s Jobs for Youth Initiative. Radek Linhart, the company’s Managing Director tells us: “Komercni Banka and the EIB prepared for us a loan with a cheaper interest rate because we use young people in our production.”