Portugal, 40 years later

Portugal, 40 years later

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  •  Date: 26 September 2016
  •  Duration: 5:00

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The longest bridge in Europe. The rebirth of the baroque jewel Clérigos Church and Tower. An innovative technology able to diagnose an infection with just one drop of blood. What do they have in common? They were all created in Portugal. And they were made possible with the support of the European Investment Bank, the EU bank.

Since the first EIB loans back in 1976, hundreds of projects have changed the way 10 million Portuguese people move, work and live - from the construction of key transport infrastructure to the renewal of schools. In the last 40 years, more than EUR 45 000 m have helped finance over 25 000 small and medium-size companies, through our partner banks in Portugal.

"The European Investment Bank is, very rightly, the bank of the Europeans", says Carlos Costa, former EIB Vice-President. "It's important for citizens to understand that they have a bank supporting development. Development means a different challenge in each country. And for each one of these challenges, the EIB has an answer."

Discover in this video how the EIB investments have contributed to shape the country as we know it today.