The EIB Group Operational Plan 2017-2019

The EIB Group Operational Plan 2017-2019

  •  Release date: 24 January 2017
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The Operational Plan 2017-2019 includes orientations of performance and summarises the major priorities and activities of the Group for the next three years. 

2016 has been a challenging year, but the Bank has delivered significant volumes of traditional lending, blending and advising activities alongside the significant ramp-up of EFSI and the Advisory Hub activities. This mix of activities has allowed the EIB to further maximise its impact on the real economy and to provide solid value added. 

The Bank has continued to build upon its impressive track record in supporting EU policy goals aimed at restoring EU competitiveness and long term economic growth, and its unique financial and technical experience both inside and outside Europe has once again enabled the EIB to deliver on its operational plan. 

The EIB remains committed to retain ambitious targets throughout the 2017-2019 planning period to respond to urgent challenges and sustained demand for EIB financing in the markets. Own resources lending orientations are expected to increase over the period to reach  EUR 76bn in 2019. Lending orientations inside EU show an upward trend over the 2017-2019 period, while an increase in lending outside the EU is also anticipated in order to meet urgent political, social and climate challenges. 

The Bank’s commitment to maintaining its high credit standing remains uncompromising and is a key focus for the Bank when defining its lending programme: at the same time it strives for stability of earnings and preservation of the economic value of own funds, in order to ensure the self-financing of the Bank’s growth in the long term.

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