JASPERS: Smart development for a smart Europe

JASPERS: Smart development for a smart Europe

  •  Release date: 25 November 2016
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The long-term competitiveness and cohesion of the European Union depend on its ability to innovate and develop in a harmonious way. The performance of EU regions still differs significantly in terms of innovation, social progress and economic development. 
There is a need for sound projects to increase jobs and growth and improve the social and economic conditions for a more resilient and cohesive Europe. 
To achieve a sustainable future and come out stronger from the global financial crisis, Europe must turn into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy, delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.JASPERS provides a range of capacity-building services, both during project preparation assignments and through the Networking and Competence Centre (NCC) and its dedicated Networking Platform.
JASPERS Smart Development Division supports the preparation of projects having a positive impact on peoples' lives.Assignments in this sector support projects promoting smart specialisation and smart cities, with a view to sustainable urban development, investing in education, training and life-long learning; strengthening research, technological development and innovation; enhancing healthcare activities, enhancing access to and the use of quality of information and communication technologies, improving the efficiency of public administration, developing and implementing best-practice tools.

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