Extending PACEIM to mobilise Mediterranean Diaspora Entrepreneurs in Europe

Extending PACEIM to mobilise Mediterranean Diaspora Entrepreneurs in Europe

  •  Release date: 06 October 2015
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Diaspora from the Mediterranean region living in Europe can have a substantial impact on the development of their countries of origin, with the overall goal to support sustainable inclusive growth, innovation and job creation in the Mediterranean partner countries (MPCs). In this context, the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), a French public research institute, requested support from the EIB to expand the PACEIM (Programme d’Aide à la Création d’Entreprises Innovantes en Méditerranée) pilot programme set up in 2009 helping highly-qualified migrants from MPCs living in France to create an innovation-based start-up in their country of origin.

This study assesses the possibility of scaling-up the PACEIM programme to highly-qualified migrants living in Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and other European countries, as well as expand the partner countries to include Jordan, Egypt and Palestine.

The study suggests a framework that can help strengthening innovative private sector companies in the MPCs. The findings show that more than 1 million highly-skilled diaspora professionals from the MPCs live in Europe, with a potential for PACEIM. Several social and business challenges in the Mediterranean are, such as developing digital services, smart cities, global services for a changing population and social entrepreneurship, are suggested for mobilising the diaspora professionals.

This study was carried out by LiNXEO with the financial support of the FEMIP Trust Fund”.

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