The EIB Group Risk Management Disclosure Report 2015

The EIB Group Risk Management Disclosure Report 2015

  •  Release date: 23 December 2016
eib group risk management disclosure report 2015 en

The EIB Group Risk Management Disclosure Report presents detailed qualitative and quantitative disclosures with regards to EIB Group’s risk profile, risk management structure and risk policy as at 31 December 2015. 

In performing its activities, the EIB Group relies on a conservative risk management framework. The Group is committed to a strong risk culture, continuously adapting its risk management policies and practices to the market conditions and best industry practice. 

The EIB Group does not fall within the scope of application of the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation (‘CRD IV’ and ‘CRR’ or ‘CRD IV/CRR package’), which is the EU legal framework of Basel III rules, and is therefore not legally obliged to meet the qualitative or quantitative disclosure requirements of the Directive and Regulation. However, the EIB Group aims to comply with relevant EU banking directives and best banking practice applicable to it under the control of its Audit Committee.

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