Carbon Footprint Report 2012

Carbon Footprint Report 2012

  •  Date: 21 June 2013
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One can only control what one measures and being conscious of one’s personal carbon emissions is the first important step towards a low carbon economy.

The carbon footprint report helps our management, staff and other stakeholders to gain a better understanding of our impact on climate change resulting from our internal operations. Detailed analysis of the different activities and their emissions allows key decision makers at the Bank to measure the impacts of carbon abatement activities and identify areas where further improvements may be made. The report will act as a sort of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to inform, educate and encourage proactive action and promote corporate social responsibility.

Simultaneously, the measurement of our carbon footprint is continuously improved. Following a detailed review of best available methodologies, we intend to fully integrate the GHG Protocol methodology in the measurement of our carbon footprint as of 2013. Already in the 2012 certain elements of the GHG Protocol have been applied where appropriate, resulting in a more accurate measure of the emissions of certain activities. By applying the GHG Protocol fully, we aim to improve the overall accuracy of our carbon footprint measurement further.

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