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All press releases

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Date Name
25/11/2015 Portugal: EIB and Millennium bcp: EUR 500 million to facilitate access to credit for SMEs and midcaps
25/11/2015 Portugal: EIB lends EUR 80 million to REN to upgrade the transmission system
25/11/2015 Portugal: BPI receives a EUR 50 million EIB loan for SMEs in the agriculture sector
25/11/2015 Italia: Nuovo contratto CDP-BEI: salgono a 905 milioni di euro le risorse per gli edifici scolastici
24/11/2015 Austria: EIB participates in securitisation transaction of UniCredit Leasing Austria with EUR 230.9m
24/11/2015 Netherlands: Rabobank and the EIB encourage SMEs and midcaps to make sustainable investments
23/11/2015 West Africa Interconnection: EIB finances OMVG’s energy project with €85 million global loan
23/11/2015 The EIB and BNP Paribas Announce Launch of New Climate Awareness Product
23/11/2015 EIB opens office and strengthens presence in Denmark
20/11/2015 France : AKUO et la BEI lancent un programme d’investissement de 329 M€ en faveur des énergies renouvelables
19/11/2015 Italy: EIB and BNL lend EUR 300 million for SMEs and midcaps
19/11/2015 EIB welcomes EU audit report confirming added value of ACP operations
18/11/2015 Pakistan: EUR 50 million loan for renewable energy
18/11/2015 EIB board approves refugee housing and earthquake recovery investment amongst EUR 12 billion new loans
17/11/2015 Belgium: The EIB and Belfius provide a further EUR 400 million for SMEs in Belgium
13/11/2015 Finland: The EIB supports the construction of the Tampere tunnel
12/11/2015 Germany: EIB and NBank promote broadband roll-out in Lower Saxony
12/11/2015 Italy: EIB and Intesa Sanpaolo: EUR 1bn for SMEs
09/11/2015 France: EUR 100m for youth training in the Auvergne Region
08/11/2015 Jordan: USD 126 million to improve drinking water availability and strengthen the electricity backbone network
06/11/2015 EIB increases presence in Slovakia and co-finances priority transport sector projects
06/11/2015 Turkey: EIB renews its partnership with Halkbank with EUR 200 million for SMEs
06/11/2015 Spain: EUR 10 million loan under InnovFin for Danobat RDI activities
06/11/2015 Spain: EUR 55 million loan under InnovFin to support Ingeteam’s RDI activities
05/11/2015 EIB backed "game-changing" Climate Action Project wins award from United Nations
04/11/2015 EIB hosts “Young Leaders Summit” for Asia-Europe Foundation
03/11/2015 France: EUR 500 million to Caisse des Dépôts and its agent the SNI Group to finance their affordable rental housing construction programme
03/11/2015 Greece: EIB signs EUR 285 million loans to support energy projects
02/11/2015 Cyprus: EUR 115 million to support EU-funded infrastructure projects, SMEs and MidCaps
30/10/2015 United Kingdom: Galloper wind farm first project backed by EUR 315 billion Investment Plan for Europe
29/10/2015 France: Caisse des Dépôts - EIB: EUR 2bn for local authorities and environmental and energy transition
29/10/2015 EIB contributes EUR 5 million to CEB’s Migrant and Refugee Fund
28/10/2015 Spain: EUR 100 million loan to Grifols under European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)
28/10/2015 EIB launches Inaugural CAD Climate Awareness Bond
28/10/2015 France: EIB provides EUR 25 million for start-up Qwant: Innovative financing for a European search engine with strong growth potential
27/10/2015 EIB completes its EUR 60bn 2015 funding programme
27/10/2015 Poland: EIB supports PGE’s investment in energy sector with PLN 2 billion loan
27/10/2015 Belgium: EIB supports R&D at Van De Wiele
26/10/2015 15th FEMIP Conference: EIB reinforces innovation, entrepreneurship and jobs in the Mediterranean region in partnership with the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the EU and the UfM
23/10/2015 First-ever EIB facility for buyer credit financing for European SME and Midcap exporters
23/10/2015 EIB signs EUR 50 million loan to Greece
23/10/2015 Investment Plan for Europe: EIB support for wind farm off Belgian coast
23/10/2015 France: Nord-Pas de Calais Region set to support the third industrial revolution
22/10/2015 Norway: EIB boosts expansion of Bergen airport
21/10/2015 EIB backs EUR 7 billion support for new projects around the world
20/10/2015 Netherlands: EUR 165m EIB backing to improve access to Port of Amsterdam
16/10/2015 Ireland: EUR 110m EIB backing for M11 Gorey to Enniscorthy upgrade
16/10/2015 Armenia: Solid waste management gets a boost from the EIB
16/10/2015 France: EIB finances the refurbishment and upgrading of lycées in the Picardy Region
16/10/2015 Portugal: EIB lends EUR 60 million to Bial in support of RDI
15/10/2015 Bangladesh: EUR 135 million loan to help improve railways
15/10/2015 Georgia: EIB lends EUR 100 million for Water Sector Rehabilitation Programme
14/10/2015 EIB welcomes EP vote on EFSI Managers
14/10/2015 Georgia: EIB increases its support to SME and MidCap sector
09/10/2015 EIB and World Bank join forces with new agreement to support Ukraine
09/10/2015 EIB sets new 35% target for climate lending in developing countries
09/10/2015 France: EUR 85m for the refurbishment and upgrading of collèges
09/10/2015 EIB announces results of DKK 2% 2026 sell back offer
09/10/2015 EIB invites offers to sell back DKK 2% 2026 bond
08/10/2015 EIB President encourages Deauville Partnership to increase investment in the Middle East and North Africa
08/10/2015 IMF and EIB Strengthen Cooperation on Capacity Development
06/10/2015 EIB’s 5-year USD Global
06/10/2015 Turkey: EIB joins forces with Ilbank for green municipal funding
06/10/2015 EIB fosters high-speed mobile broadband services in Finland and Estonia
06/10/2015 Sweden: EIB supports Fabege’s construction of near-zero-energy-buildings
05/10/2015 Belgium: IMOG inaugurates first EIB-Belfius “Smart Cities” project in Flanders
05/10/2015 EIB increases Climate Awareness Bond (CAB) 2023 to EUR 1bn
05/10/2015 Croatia: EU Bank extends its presence and provides support to Dubrovnik Airport
02/10/2015 EIB is first to link individual Green Bonds and projects
01/10/2015 Spain: EIB loan to Renfe for purchasing rolling stock and modernising stations
01/10/2015 Spain: EUR 4bn loans for SMEs as EIF signs guarantee agreements with six banks
30/09/2015 Slovenia: EIB extends support to SME and mid-cap projects through BS
28/09/2015 Morocco: EIB mobilises substantial resources (EUR 75m loan) to modernise water and sanitation networks
28/09/2015 Hungary: EIB provides EUR 500 million for co-financing projects with EU Structural Funds
28/09/2015 Meridiam announces EIB participation in its Africa Fund
25/09/2015 Opening in Gembloux of the first "Smart Cities" project in Belgium
25/09/2015 KOIKI, Design by Pana, BLITAB and Marioway winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2015
25/09/2015 International Financial Institutions Back New Global Development Agenda with Stepped-Up Support
24/09/2015 Czech Republic: New billion euro initiative starts to unlock private investment in energy efficiency
22/09/2015 EIB agrees EUR 17 billion of new loans and approves new climate lending strategy
21/09/2015 Netherlands: EIB supports Vitens investment programme
21/09/2015 Netherlands: EIB backs Rabobank and DLL in support of SMEs and Mid-Caps
18/09/2015 Poland: EIB supports research and development with almost EUR 1 billion
18/09/2015 Development banks confirm multi million dollar backing for African Renewable Energy Fund
17/09/2015 Tunisia: EIB-AMEN BANK: Strong commitment in support of enterprises
17/09/2015 United Kingdom: Oxford University to benefit from largest ever EIB university loan
17/09/2015 Azerbaijan: EIB lends 50 million to support private sector
14/09/2015 United Kingdom: Billion pound EIB backing for London transport
14/09/2015 Finland: EIB supports Kiosked’s development of innovative advertising software
14/09/2015 Bulgaria: Inauguration of the Sofia Waste Treatment Plant co-financed by the EIB
14/09/2015 Belgium: EIB and Flemish government join forces to promote the European Fund for Strategic Investments
04/09/2015 United Kingdom: EIB confirms GBP 280 million support for Rolls-Royce during visit to Derby
03/09/2015 United Kingdom: EIB loans GBP 102m to Croydon schools
03/09/2015 Strong demand for EIB’s new EUR 3bn 5-year EARN benchmark
02/09/2015 United Kingdom: EIB backs GBP 100m Southern Water investment
01/09/2015 France: Seine-et-Marne department - EUR 100m for the refurbishment and upgrading of collèges
01/09/2015 EIB and Committee of Regions intensify co-operation to boost Europe’s economic recovery
01/09/2015 Jan Vapaavuori is new Vice-President of the EIB
01/09/2015 EU Bank appoints Mikołaj Dowgielewicz as new EIB Representative to the EU institutions and Head of Brussels office
27/08/2015 EU Bank intensifies activity in Western Balkan countries
21/08/2015 EIB adds third benchmark to its EUR Green Bond curve
17/08/2015 Bank deleveraging slowed down in Eastern Europe while capital outflows moderated
17/08/2015 Lithuania: EIB and Šiaulių bankas agree funding for refurbishing homes
31/07/2015 Italy: EUR 133 million to Anas for road and tunnel safety
29/07/2015 2015 EIB Prize for excellence in economic and social research awarded to Sir Anthony Atkinson and Benjamin Moll
28/07/2015 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 4
24/07/2015 Spain: EUR 500 million for SMEs and midcaps
23/07/2015 Spain: EIB – Banco Santander and Santander Consumer Finance: EUR 1.2 billion for financing SMEs
23/07/2015 Ukraine: EIB supports the upgrade of municipal infrastructure with EUR 400 million
23/07/2015 Italy: Memorandum of Understanding governing EIB finance for construction of schools signed
23/07/2015 France: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB Group’s first equity participation in investment fund dedicated to renewable energies
22/07/2015 EIB approves EUR 10 billion of new EIB loans and launches European Fund for Strategic Investments with European Commission
20/07/2015 Poland: EIB supports construction of expressways with PLN 3.4bn
17/07/2015 France: Signature of new €100 million loan for upgrading TER Aquitaine
16/07/2015 ILO and EIB join forces for more and better quality employment
16/07/2015 Germany: EIB provides EUR 340 million loan for Rhine-Ruhr Express project in NRW
16/07/2015 EIB opens first office in Addis Ababa
15/07/2015 EIB and Dutch government strengthen support for water investment
15/07/2015 EIB issues its first 7-year Global of 2015
15/07/2015 Ethiopia: Europe to provide clean water for 120.000 households
14/07/2015 New partnership between EIB and FAO to bolster private sector investment in agriculture
14/07/2015 Germany: EIB and WIBank promote broadband development in Hesse
14/07/2015 United Kingdom: Imperial Innovations gets GBP 50 million EIB backing to strengthen investment in biotech spin-offs
13/07/2015 Local firms to benefit from first European backed lending programme with Access Bank Ghana
13/07/2015 Sweden: EIB supports Cavidi’s development of HIV viral load monitoring device
10/07/2015 Portugal: EIB lends EUR 25 million to Sapec Agro and Tradecorp International for RDI programme
10/07/2015 International Financial Institutions Announce $400 Billion to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
10/07/2015 Poland: EIB supports purchase of modern trams for Krakow and Silesia
09/07/2015 Luxembourg: EIB and SNCI join forces under EFSI
09/07/2015 Portugal: EIB loan for rehabilitation of housing
09/07/2015 Development Banks Agree Common Approach to Measure Climate Finance
09/07/2015 EIB and UNIDO to promote sustainable industrial growth through development finance
09/07/2015 Netherlands: EIB supports Dutch innovative software developer Planon
08/07/2015 France: The EIB and Caisse des Dépôts lend €121m for Centre Hospitalier de Melun
07/07/2015 Spain: EIB signs first EFSI loan in support of Abengoa's RDI
02/07/2015 Denmark: First financial transaction under Investment Plan for Europe: EIB backs innovative renewable energy infrastructure fund
30/06/2015 Slovakia: EIB provides co-financing to national projects eligible for EU funds in the 2014-2020 Programming Period
30/06/2015 Foreign banks’ funding to Emerging Europe continued to decline in late 2014, but trend may be reversing, new report shows
29/06/2015 Brazil: EIB provides EUR 150 million to SMEs and Midcaps
29/06/2015 Hungary: EIB supports co-financing of projects with EU Cohesion Funds, European Regional Development Funds and Connecting Europe Facillity with EUR 500 million
29/06/2015 Italy: EIB-SACE: EUR 600m for FCA’s Research Activities
29/06/2015 Belgium: EIB and ING Belgium partner to facilitate midcaps’ innovative investments
26/06/2015 France: EIB and Haute-Normandie Region join forces to modernise secondary schools
26/06/2015 France: RTE and EIB sign EUR 500m loan agreement for upgrading power grid
26/06/2015 Spain: EIB loans for rail safety installations and port facilities
26/06/2015 Finland: EIB backs construction of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant
25/06/2015 Spain: EUR 600 million for SMEs in agriculture and agri-food sectors
25/06/2015 Montenegro: EIB welcomes Montenegro’s Finance Minister Radoje Žugić - EUR 10 million loan for water and sanitation project signed
25/06/2015 EIB welcomes final approval by Parliament and Council of EFSI Regulation
25/06/2015 Spain: EIB supports Iberdrola’s investment programme
19/06/2015 First EIB lending under EFSI welcomed by Europe’s finance ministers
19/06/2015 Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister Kalfin meets EIB President Werner Hoyer
17/06/2015 EIB and Armenia agreed to further intensify cooperation
15/06/2015 EIB Group and EC expand support for innovative companies across Europe
12/06/2015 Finland: First loan under Investment Plan for Europe: EIB supports construction of large-scale bio-product mill
12/06/2015 Slovenia: EIB supports with EUR 145 million extension of motorway network
12/06/2015 Malawi: EUR 50 million Lilongwe water investment programme gets European backing
11/06/2015 First loan to the Government of Honduras for financing road modernisation
11/06/2015 EIB supports power interconnection between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
11/06/2015 Morocco: EIB supports Europac's largest investment
11/06/2015 Turkey: EUR 300m of EIB support for SMEs and mid-cap companies
11/06/2015 Croatia: EIB supports upgrade of health infrastructure
10/06/2015 Netherlands: Rabobank and DLL: EUR 250 million extra for SMEs from EIB
10/06/2015 Italy: EUR 10 million for SAES Getters’ R&D projects
09/06/2015 Finland: EIB supports motorway construction PPP project with EUR 102m
08/06/2015 Italy: EIB lends EUR 50 million to UBI Banca Group for the agrifood sector
05/06/2015 Turkey: EIB renews cooperation with TSKB in support of SMEs
05/06/2015 Ukraine: EU Bank works towards supporting the agri-food sector
03/06/2015 Spain: EIB and BBVA agree to provide EUR 1 billion for SMEs
03/06/2015 Poland: EIB supports pharmaceutical research and development with EUR 45m loan to Polpharma
03/06/2015 Germany: EIB supports Nordergründe offshore wind farm with EUR 156m loan
02/06/2015 United Kingdom: GBP 530 million European backing for Severn Trent investment
02/06/2015 EIB, World Bank Group, and EBRD exceed financing targets for Central and South Eastern Europe
01/06/2015 Poland: EIB boosts modernisation of power grids with almost PLN 1bn
29/05/2015 Denmark: EIB boosts development of next generation hearing aids by William Demant
28/05/2015 Poland: EIB and EBRD to provide financing for Grupa Azoty’s expansion
28/05/2015 Spain: EIB and Banco Popular: EUR 1 000m agreement to finance SMEs
27/05/2015 Spain: EIB and Unicaja sign EUR 400m agreement to finance SMEs
27/05/2015 Spain: EIB and ICO: 2,800 million Euros to support Spanish companies
26/05/2015 France: EIB teams up with Limousin Region to improve education and youth employment
21/05/2015 Spain: EIB and Bankinter: EUR 400m for innovative SMEs
21/05/2015 EU bank and Georgia agree on co-operation in agri-food sector
21/05/2015 France: EIB lends €50m for refurbishment and modernisation of lycées in Champagne-Ardenne
19/05/2015 Investment Plan for Europe to support renewable energy and strategic infrastructure projects
13/05/2015 Réunion: EIB lends EUR 500m for New Coast Road
12/05/2015 Denmark: EIB supports Bavarian Nordic’s development of Ebola and cancer vaccines
12/05/2015 France: First financial transaction under the Investment Plan for Europe
11/05/2015 Sweden: EIB backs development of more energy-efficient household goods by Electrolux
08/05/2015 Spain: EIB lends EUR 50m to Ibercaja for financing SMEs
08/05/2015 EIB publishes its Operational Plan 2015-2017
07/05/2015 Spain: EUR 50 million under InnovFin to support Ferrer’s RDI activities
07/05/2015 Lithuania signs agreements with EIB to support two major investment projects
06/05/2015 Spain: EIB and CaixaBank sign EUR 900 million agreement to finance SME projects
06/05/2015 Ghana: Local companies to benefit from new EUR 20 million European lending programme with uniBank
30/04/2015 Georgia: EIB supports SME and midcap sector
30/04/2015 EIB exceeded lending targets and began roll-out of Investment Plan for Europe, President Hoyer tells MEPs
30/04/2015 EU Bank opens Regional Representation for Southern Caucasus
28/04/2015 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K
28/04/2015 Angola: EIB backs broadband investment
24/04/2015 Spain: EIB and Banco Sabadell: EUR 500 million for SMEs
23/04/2015 Hungary: EIB continued supporting growth prospects with EUR 756 million in 2014
23/04/2015 Hungary: The EIB continues to support research and RDI infrastructure with EUR 115 million
22/04/2015 Sweden: EUR 160m under InnovFin to support Getinge’s developments in medical technology
22/04/2015 EIB Group rolls out the Investment Plan for Europe
17/04/2015 EIB opens permanent presence in North America
16/04/2015 Portugal: EIB lends EUR 300 million to Novo Banco for financing SMEs and midcaps
16/04/2015 World Bank and EIB chiefs call for greater financial engagement and technical cooperation to fight climate change
16/04/2015 Italy: EIB and Banco Popolare: EUR 600 million in support of the economy
16/04/2015 Portugal: EIB lends EUR 50 million to Crédito Agrícola for financing SMEs
16/04/2015 EIB’s largest USD Global of 2015
16/04/2015 Slovakia: EIB continued to support Slovakia’s Growth Prospects with EUR 556 million in 2014
15/04/2015 Portugal: First tranche of the EIB-IADB agreement in support of internationalisation of small and medium enterprises signed
15/04/2015 Portugal: EIB and Montepio sign an agreement in support of SMEs and midcaps
01/04/2015 Statement about EIB engagement in Greece
30/03/2015 Germany: EUR 25 million under InnovFin to support Innocoll’s pharmaceutical R&D activities
30/03/2015 Croatia: EIB supports co-financing of projects with EU grants
30/03/2015 Romania: EIB continues to support investments increasing energy efficiency of residential buildings in Bucharest
27/03/2015 EIB publishes impact reporting & alignment with Green Bond Principles (GBPs) for its green bonds – “Climate Awareness Bonds” (CABs)
26/03/2015 European backing for 11 new schools in North West England
26/03/2015 Belgium: EIB lends EUR 100 million to Flemish wastewater operator FARYS|TMVW
25/03/2015 Belgium: EIB supports Bekaert’s technological leadership
25/03/2015 Romania: EIB continues to support the Municipality of Oradea in financing its investments in urban infrastructure
25/03/2015 Tap of longest green benchmark heralds imminent publication of new Green Bond Principles
23/03/2015 Belgium: EIB meets project promoters in the Walloon Region
23/03/2015 Belgium: Initial results of the EIB/Belfius "Smart Cities & Sustainable Development" programme
20/03/2015 EUR 40m EIB support to address currency barriers to economic growth
20/03/2015 United Kingdom: European backing for 7 new schools in the Home Counties
20/03/2015 New EIB EUR 2bn 10-year benchmark priced at record low levels
19/03/2015 Germany: EUR 150m for Thuringia's infrastructure
19/03/2015 Bulgaria: Major increase in EIB activity
18/03/2015 Serbia: EUR 80 million for SMEs and midcaps
17/03/2015 Latvia: EIB provides EUR 200m to support strategic investments
16/03/2015 EIB supports high voltage interconnection of Armenia and Georgia
15/03/2015 Egypt: EUR 120m loan to support private sector companies
13/03/2015 United Kingdom: European backing for new Papworth hospitals
12/03/2015 The EIB board backs education, innovation, and research investment across Europe and globally
11/03/2015 Belgium: First EIB guarantee to support Midcaps under the InnovFin programme with KBC Bank
11/03/2015 United Kingdom: European backing for two new Scottish hospitals confirmed
11/03/2015 EIB and Myanmar sign a Framework Agreement
11/03/2015 United Kingdom:12 new schools to be built in North East England following confirmation of EIB support
10/03/2015 EIB President Hoyer: EIB Group welcomes common position of EU Member States for EFSI regulation
06/03/2015 Poland: EIB supports modernisation of railways, development of the city of Łódź and eco-friendly investments
06/03/2015 Spain: EIB and Kutxabank provide EUR 400 million for investment projects of SMEs
05/03/2015 Spain: EIB and Instituto de Crédito Oficial sign EUR 1 billion agreement to provide credit to SMEs
05/03/2015 Austria: Efficient rail networks: the EIB co-finances Swietelsky's research project
04/03/2015 EIB’s first 3-year USD Global of 2015
03/03/2015 Germany: Investment plan a stimulus for long-term growth – EIB Economics Conference discusses EU’s competitiveness
02/03/2015 Germany: Europe needs innovation: EIB Conference with Federal Chancellor Merkel and EU Commission President Juncker – greatest need for investment in digital networks
02/03/2015 Africa: EIB continues wide-ranging response to Ebola
24/02/2015 EIB establishes EUR 3bn green benchmark at negative yields
24/02/2015 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 5
24/02/2015 Germany: Innovative lamps: EIB supports OSRAM with research loan
23/02/2015 Statement by EIB president Hoyer following press reports on the EIB group position on Greece
23/02/2015 EIB achieved lending targets ahead of schedule: EUR 77 billion in 2014
20/02/2015 Ireland: EIB backs EUR 300 million social housing investment in Ireland
19/02/2015 Ireland: EIB provides €12m to Granahan McCourt Capital for enet’s fibre broadband projects
17/02/2015 Europe's Finance Ministers endorse EIB Group engagement in Juncker plan as EU Bank announces early delivery on lending targets
17/02/2015 Ireland: EIB backing for EUR 150m Maynooth University campus expansion
16/02/2015 Italy: EUR 8m to Pramac for R&D projects
16/02/2015 New European support to address climate and biodiversity challenges
13/02/2015 United Kingdom: GBP 51m EIB backing for Gwynt y Mor offshore transmission link
10/02/2015 East Africa: European Investment Bank’s largest ever private sector lending programme in Africa launched with PTA Bank
06/02/2015 Turkey: Avea R&D Centre receives important visit from European Investment Bank
06/02/2015 EIB board approves EUR 4.8 billion lending to SME’s and welcomes engagement with civil society
05/02/2015 EIB’s 10-year USD 3bn Global Benchmark
02/02/2015 France: Sciences Po and EIB strengthen their cooperation
02/02/2015 Italy: EIB lends EUR 1bn to Italian Economics and Finance Ministry for FS conventional rail network
30/01/2015 Sweden: EIB boosts development of Uppsala with SEK 1.8 billion loan
29/01/2015 United Kingdom: European Investment Bank agrees GBP 480m backing for Northern Line extension
28/01/2015 Spain: EIB Group supports microfinance in Spain
26/01/2015 Spain: EIB-EC SME Initiative: Spain first country to implement initiative
26/01/2015 Committee of the Regions and EIB team up to speed up the delivery of Juncker's plan and boost local economies
23/01/2015 France: European Union finances Line B of Rennes metro
23/01/2015 France: EIB supports Airbus Group's innovation programmes
22/01/2015 Spain: EUR 450 million for renewal of road transport fleets
21/01/2015 Spain: EIB provides EUR 400 million for key investments in Galicia
21/01/2015 Sweden: EIB supports engineering research with EUR 300m loan to Atlas Copco
19/01/2015 EU Investment Offensive: Commission and EIB launch new advisory service on financial instruments
19/01/2015 Slovakia : EIB helps to fight unemployment of young people
15/01/2015 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 3
14/01/2015 Austria: Loan for infrastructure and SME projects in Lower Austria – EIB joins forces with Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien
13/01/2015 EIB President Hoyer: EIB Group welcomes establishment of EFSI
13/01/2015 Germany: EIB joins forces with development institution in Rheinland-Pfalz – EUR 200 million for SME financing in the region
12/01/2015 Germany: EIB and DKB finance infrastructure projects
09/01/2015 EIB’s first benchmark issue of 2015
08/01/2015 Austria: EIB boosts Austria’s tourism sector – Loan to ÖHT
08/01/2015 Germany: Innovation in agricultural machinery: AGCO Corporation receives EIB loan for R&D
08/01/2015 United Kingdom: Dwr Cymru Welsh Water secures £230 million loan from the European Investment Bank
07/01/2015 Croatia: EIB increases its support for Croatian SMEs and midcap companies channelled through PBZ Bank
07/01/2015 France: EIB invests EUR 40m in Mirova's third renewable energy fund
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