All Press Releases

All Press Releases

Below is the list of all press releases.


Date Name
19/12/2014 France: Forte mobilisation de l’Europe en partenariat avec les banques françaises : 750 M€ pour le déploiement du Très Haut Débit au cœur des territoires
19/12/2014 España: El BEI financia con 515 millones de EUR el programa de inversión pública en I+D+i
18/12/2014 New Caledonia: EIB backs new Nouméa hospital to improve healthcare in New Caledonia
18/12/2014 Spain: First EIB financing under InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance in Spain: EUR 7.5 million for Maier’s RDI activities
18/12/2014 Slovakia: EIB continues to support development of the Prešov Region
18/12/2014 Czech Republic: UniCredit Bank issues EUR 196 million covered bond for EIB
18/12/2014 Slovenia: EIB and SKB help combat unemployment by supporting smaller projects in Slovenia
18/12/2014 Estonia: EIB provides EUR 200m to support strategic investments in Estonia
18/12/2014 Niger: First water support by EIB in Niger ensures clean water for the capital
17/12/2014 Support for strategic infrastructure and innovation, new investment in Ukraine and Ebola vaccine research
12/12/2014 Portugal: EIB and Millennium bcp agree on new financial support for Portuguese SMEs and midcaps
12/12/2014 Portugal: EIB renews cooperation with CGD in support of SMEs
12/12/2014 Hungary: EIB supports upgrading of energy sector infrastructure in Hungary with EUR 100 million
12/12/2014 Portugal: EIB lends Corticeira Amorim EUR 35 million for its RDI programme
12/12/2014 Hungary: EIB provides EUR 218 million to co-finance with EU funds projects in the railway sector as well as laser research infrastructure
12/12/2014 Cyprus: EIB renews support to Cyprus’ economy and education
11/12/2014 Burgundy/Franche-Comté: European Investment Bank provides EUR 200m grouped loan for modernisation of upper secondary schools and training centres
11/12/2014 Greece: New EUR 80 million support for energy and increased technical assistance in Greece
11/12/2014 Italy: Infrastructure: EIB lends EUR 140m to sea for the two terminals at Malpensa
10/12/2014 Guinea: EIB backs redevelopment of hydropower plants in Ebola-hit Guinea
09/12/2014 India: EIB loan in support of Indian SMEs
09/12/2014 Turkey: EIB partners with Garanti Bank for SMEs in Turkey
09/12/2014 Investment Offensive for Europe: EU Task Force identifies 2,000 potential projects worth €1.3 trillion
05/12/2014 Austria: ÖBB receives EUR 600 million EIB loan
05/12/2014 Armenia: EIB supports implementation of SME projects in Armenia
04/12/2014 Bhutan: EIB and Bhutan sign a Framework Agreement for capital investments
04/12/2014 Tunisia: The EIB boosts innovation in Tunisia via support for the private sector
03/12/2014 East Africa: New EIB engagement to strengthen banking best practice in East Africa
02/12/2014 Austria: €95 million for Austrian SMEs: EIB joins forces with Hypo Vorarlberg
01/12/2014 Ecuador : Ecuador receives EIB loan for public facilities
01/12/2014 Ukraine: EIB President Werner Hoyer visit and EU commitment to supporting Ukraine
01/12/2014 Denmark: First EIB loan under InnovFin in Denmark: EUR 25 million for Welltec’s innovations in oilfield services
28/11/2014 Czech Republic: EIB supports upgrade of the Czech Republic’s electricity transmission grid
27/11/2014 Spain: EIB-ICO: further EUR 1bn of SME support for growth and employment
27/11/2014 Bulgaria: EIB provides co-financing with EU grants in support of priority infrastructure investments in Bulgaria
27/11/2014 United Kingdom: Up to GBP100 m EIB support for urban regeneration across Manchester
26/11/2014 Greece: First EIB loan under InnovFin in Greece: EUR 25 million for PHARMATHEN’s RDI activities
26/11/2014 EIB President proposes participation in Investment Plan for Europe
24/11/2014 Turkey : EUR 400 million EIB support for SMEs in Turkey
21/11/2014 France: EIB and Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur sign a EUR 250m contract to finance Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur's west-east tramway line
21/11/2014 France: EU provides €100 million for expansion and modernisation of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
21/11/2014 Germany: More funds for SMEs: EIB and Investitionsbank Sachsen sign €50 million loan agreement
20/11/2014 Luxembourg: EIB and BGL BNP Paribas renew their partnership
20/11/2014 France: Banque Postale, EIB partner: €300 million in support of health, training, energy efficiency and very high speed broadband sectors
17/11/2014 The Netherlands : Investment in Dutch public infrastructure and renewable energy to benefit from increased cooperation between EIB and BNG Bank
14/11/2014 Luxembourg: New Memorandum of Understanding between the Luxembourg Government and the EIB and 5th European Microfinance Award
14/11/2014 The Netherlands: EIB provides EUR 200m backing to Amsterdam motorway upgrade that creates a new park
13/11/2014 United Kingdom: Teaching and research facilities at University of Kent to receive £75m capital injection
12/11/2014 Slovakia: EIB supports gas distribution network in Slovakia with EUR 100 million
07/11/2014 Spain: EIB and Government of Castilla y León sign agreement to finance the region’s SMEs
07/11/2014 Azerbaijan: EIB launches operations: Support to SMEs through AccessBank
07/11/2014 United Kingdom: Largest ever EIB loan provides GBP 1.5 billion for National Grid investment
06/11/2014 Turkey: First EIB loan under InnovFin: EUR 55 million for TOFAS’s RDI activities
06/11/2014 Spain: EIB and Public Works Ministry sign EUR 350 million agreement to improve Spain’s road network
06/11/2014 Germany: EIB and Rentenbank finance smaller farming businesses
06/11/2014 Poland: EIB provides EUR 700m for investments in knowledge, education and digitalisation
04/11/2014 United Kingdom: EIB agrees GBP 168 million backing for Lincs offshore transmission connection
04/11/2014 Germany: EIB grants Commerzbank new loan for midcaps
03/11/2014 United Kingdom: EIB agrees GBP 150 m backing for new Yorkshire waste plant
31/10/2014 Ireland: European Investment Bank to provide EUR 400m for newly launched Strategic Banking Corporation
30/10/2014 The Netherlands: Gate terminal signs EUR 76 million project financing agreement for LNG break bulk facility
30/10/2014 Ireland: ESB and EIB Sign Loan Facility for €100 million
28/10/2014 Uganda: New UGX 45 Billion European support for Ugandan companies with Housing Finance Bank
27/10/2014 IDB and EIB establish facilities to support internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises
27/10/2014 France: EIB and Picardy Region undertake to modernise TER regional rail network
27/10/2014 EU bank opens office and strengthens presence in Moldova
24/10/2014 United Kingdom: EIB backing unlocks GBP 1 billion social and urban investment across London
23/10/2014 Belgium: €250 million EIB loan for Hydrobru’s major works in Brussels
23/10/2014 Portugal: EIB-Banco Santander Totta: EUR 400 million for SMEs and midcaps
23/10/2014 Portugal: EIB and Banco BPI sign SME and midcap financing agreement
22/10/2014 Romania: EIB extends credit line to Banca Transilvania S.A. for SMEs, midcaps and municipalities
22/10/2014 Hungary: EIB supports SMEs and municipalities with EUR 100 million channelled through MFB
22/10/2014 EIB board approves significant new SME, research and strategic infrastructure investment across Europe
21/10/2014 Austria: City By-pass Zwettl: Financial close reached for central infrastructure project in Lower Austria
20/10/2014 Spain: EIB and Bankia: EUR 400 million for SMEs
20/10/2014 The Netherlands: EIB provides additional EUR 150m for TenneT's Randstad grid project
17/10/2014 Ukraine: EIB supports Agri-Food Sector in Ukraine with EUR 50 million
15/10/2014 French Polynesia: EIB and Banque de Tahiti confirm their partnership and continue to combine forces in support of SMEs in French Polynesia
15/10/2014 Poland: EIB supports construction of expressways in Poland with EUR 490m loan
15/10/2014 Austria: EIB finances expansion of wind power in Lower Austria
13/10/2014 Liberia: European Investment Bank backs urgent Monrovia airport runway upgrade
13/10/2014 EIB President Hoyer: “MDBs and IMF will promote economic environment conducive to long-term investment financing for infrastructure”
10/10/2014 Joint IFI initiative delivers vital support for central and south-eastern Europe
10/10/2014 EIB President Hoyer: “MDBs and IMF must further enhance cooperation to support UN development agenda post-2015”
09/10/2014 Caisse des Dépôts Group and EIB: enhanced cooperation at the heart of the regions to support growth and employment
06/10/2014 Romania: EIB continues to support investments increasing energy efficiency of residential buildings in Bucharest Sector 4
02/10/2014 Belgium: For the fourth time the EIB and BNP Paribas Fortis renew their cooperation with a new EUR 250m loan for Belgian SMEs and midcaps
01/10/2014 Germany: EIB supports Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital’s extensive rehabilitation programme – EU bank biggest financer of the project
30/09/2014 Uganda: EUR 28 million European backing for Crane Bank to benefit Ugandan firms
29/09/2014 Spain: EUR 119 million to support ITP’s RDI
26/09/2014 Spain: EUR 600 million for upgrading Endesa’s power grid
26/09/2014 Spain: EIB and Banco Sabadell: EUR 500 million for SMEs
26/09/2014 EIB and NIB sign Memorandum of Understanding
26/09/2014 Austria: Making motor sports safer: EIB finances KTM AG's R&D projects
24/09/2014 EIB pursues efficient support to SMEs in Cyprus
22/09/2014 Burkina Faso: West African solar project gets EUR 23m EIB backing
22/09/2014 Germany: EIB supports CIGS-research programme by Manz AG
19/09/2014 Spain: EIB-Banco Popular: EUR 500 million for SMEs
19/09/2014 Cyprus: EIB renews cooperation with major Cypriot banks in support of SMEs and youth employment
19/09/2014 Moldova: EU supports development of agriculture with EUR 120 million
18/09/2014 Greece: EUR 815 million support for transport and energy
17/09/2014 Hungary: EIB continues to support Hungarian SMEs and midcaps through expanded cooperation with the Magyar Export-Import Bank Zrt. (Eximbank)
16/09/2014 More EIB support for infrastructure, innovation and SMEs in Europe
12/09/2014 EIB increases CAB 2026 alongside climate finance commitment with global MDBs
12/09/2014 Czech Republic: EIB Continues to Support Urban Infrastructure Development in Ostrava
11/09/2014 Romania: EIB increases its support for Romanian SMEs and mid-cap companies channelled through CEC Bank by EUR 100 million
11/09/2014 Multilateral Development Banks agree to reinforce climate financing in advance of UN summit
08/09/2014 Tunisie: More than EUR 1bn in new finance from EIB for investment in Tunisia since January 2011
04/09/2014 CAB 2026 creates new benchmark on EIB’s Green Bond curve
04/09/2014 Czech Republic: Employers of young people eligible for Komerční banka financing with interest rate advantage
03/09/2014 Sweden: EIB boosts development of Swedish municipality Västerås with SEK 1.8 billion loan
02/09/2014 EIB launches second USD 3bn 7 year Global benchmark of 2014
01/09/2014 Román Escolano joins the EIB
27/08/2014 Germany: A7 extension: first financing operation in Germany with EU project bonds
14/08/2014 EIB President Werner Hoyer on first official visit to Honduras
07/08/2014 South Africa: Eskom and the EIB agree a new €75 million loan for 100 MW concentrating solar power plant
06/08/2014 South Africa: EIB finances the DBSA’s R1,4 billion renewable energy project in Northern Cape
04/08/2014 United Kingdom: GBP 100m for investment in new equipment by UK companies
01/08/2014 Germany: ABS loan for SMEs: EIB participates in securitisation deal with IKB Leasing
28/07/2014 Spain: EIB-CaixaBank: EUR 300 million financing agreement for SMEs and midcaps
25/07/2014 Spain: EIB lends EUR 90 million to four rural banks to finance SMEs
24/07/2014 Italy: EIB lends EUR 100 million for investment in research and innovation by Bracco imaging
23/07/2014 France: Launch of first French and European Project Bond for superfast broadband
23/07/2014 Romania: EIB continues to support investment to increase energy efficiency of residential buildings in Bucharest
23/07/2014 United Kingdom: GBP 190m EIB support unlocks Arqiva’s UK smart meter, digital radio and WiFi plans
22/07/2014 EIB continues support for infrastructure and SMEs in Europe
22/07/2014 Poland: EIB fosters renewable energy and energy efficiency investments
21/07/2014 Romania: EIB continues to finance projects of SMEs, midcaps and municipalities through BCR Leasing
21/07/2014 Italy: EIB/Banco Popolare: EUR 390 million for the Italian economy
17/07/2014 France: Paris Tramway - EIB finances the extension of the T3 line (EUR 128m)
14/07/2014 EC and EIB sign MoU for co-operation in agriculture and rural development
11/07/2014 Germany: Climate-friendly and efficient: EIB finances Rheinbahn transport projects
10/07/2014 Mozambique: EIB helps ensure international safety standards at Maputo Airport
09/07/2014 France: Caisse des Dépôts Group and European Investment Bank step up their support for EU growth initiative
08/07/2014 Norway: EIB boosts development of sustainable sea transport between Norway and Denmark
08/07/2014 Poland: EIB boosts development of Warsaw’s infrastructure with PLN 1 billion
07/07/2014 France: First EIB financing operation for eco-districts
04/07/2014 D20 and Multilateral Development Banks join forces to support economic growth, create jobs and improve productivity
03/07/2014 Poland: EIB boosts modernisation of glass industry
03/07/2014 Austria: Development of hydropower: Illwerke receives EIB loan for Obervermuntwerk II
02/07/2014 Bolivia: EIB lends EUR 50 million for F21 highway
01/07/2014 Armenia: EIB supports development of the water sector
01/07/2014 Chile: EUR 150 million for climate action projects
30/06/2014 Bangladesh: EIB loan for improvements to Dhaka water supply
25/06/2014 Vice-President Magdalena Alvarez steps down from the EIB
24/06/2014 Spain: EIB and Banca March provide a further EUR 400 million for financing SMEs and midcaps
24/06/2014 France: EUR 1 billion for schools
24/06/2014 Spain: EIB grants EUR 70 million loan to CIE Automotive in support of RDI
20/06/2014 Czech Republic: EIB provides further Support for Regional Infrastructure in Zlín
20/06/2014 Albania: EUR 18 million for Vlora motorway bypass
19/06/2014 EIB mobilises substantial resources for young people and employment in Tunisia
19/06/2014 Greece: EIB Trade Finance Facility in Greece is enlarged in geographic scope and receives international award
19/06/2014 Czech Republic: EIB supports urban infrastructure in Plzeň
19/06/2014 Portugal: EIB and Montepio make available 150 million EUR in support of SMEs and midcaps
18/06/2014 Sweden: EIB supports Fortum Värme’s construction of highly efficient biomass combined heat and power plant in Stockholm
17/06/2014 Poland: EIB supports extension of gas transmission network
16/06/2014 Belgium: A break-through operation in the world of finance and research
13/06/2014 Georgia: EIB continues to support the upgrade of water infrastructure
13/06/2014 EIB launches its 6th USD Global benchmark of 2014
12/06/2014 EU and EIB Group join forces to support up to €48 billion in R&I investment
12/06/2014 Romania: EIB increases support for SMEs and midcap companies by EUR 50 million
12/06/2014 EIB pledges DCFTA support measures at EU-Moldova Investment Conference
11/06/2014 EIB, Lebanon’s key partner - Strong mobilisation in support of private sector with €121 million of new loans
11/06/2014 Greece: EIB boosts natural gas
11/06/2014 Estonia: EIB supports construction of emergency reserve power plant
10/06/2014 Greece: Further EUR 200 million SME support for growth and employment
05/06/2014 Finland: EIB boosts development of innovative technologies for mobile entertainment services with Rovio Entertainment
04/06/2014 EIB launches first smart city investment scheme in Europe: Belgian towns to benefit from EUR 400m EIB-Belfius scheme
04/06/2014 Close cooperation with upcoming Italian Presidency – EIB continues to focus on Infrastructure, SMEs and Innovation
04/06/2014 Poland: EIB supports modernisation of Polish railways with EUR 268m loan
04/06/2014 EIB’s second 5-year USD Global of 2014
28/05/2014 Spain: EIB and ICO renew support for SMEs in agrifood sector with EUR 600 million loan
21/05/2014 Spain: EIB – Banco Santander: EUR 500 million for SMEs
19/05/2014 Ukraine: EIB supports construction of Beskyd railway tunnel linking Ukraine with the EU
19/05/2014 Spain: EIB and ICF support SME and midcap projects in Catalonia
16/05/2014 France: EIB and Communauté Urbaine de Marseille Provence Métropole sign a €135m financing agreement in support of high-quality, sustainable public transport
16/05/2014 France: EIB and Caisse des Dépôts lend €194.1m for the TER network in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region
16/05/2014 Romania: EIB provides EUR 300 million for rural development
15/05/2014 France: EIB increases support for SMEs and micro-enterprises: new EUR 100m SME loan signed with Crédit Coopératif Group
15/05/2014 The Netherlands: EIB and ABN AMRO agree on new financial support for Dutch SMEs
15/05/2014 The Netherlands: Dutch renewable energy boosted by EUR 587m EIB backing for world’s largest wind farm
15/05/2014 France: EIB provides EUR 100m loan to finance construction of A304 motorway in Champagne-Ardenne region
15/05/2014 New European Investment Bank office to strengthen support for investment in the Netherlands
15/05/2014 EIB’s largest Green Bond tapped to a record EUR 2.6bn
14/05/2014 France: Rhône-Alpes borrows EUR 500m from the EIB to schools (lycées)
13/05/2014 EIB in France: Brownfields raises its second fund, with target size of €100 million
13/05/2014 Germany: EIB and DZ BANK sign new global loan for small and medium-sized enterprises
13/05/2014 Italy: EIB and CDP provide EUR 500 million for SMEs and enterprise networks
12/05/2014 France: EIB and Midi-Pyrénées Region commit €200 million for refurbishment and modernisation of upper secondary schools, including lycée Saint-Sernin
12/05/2014 Turkey: EIB provides further EUR 200 million to promote safer urban environment in Turkey
09/05/2014 Spain: EIB-BBVA: EUR 400 million for SMEs
09/05/2014 Spain: EIB-Bankinter: EUR 200 million for SMEs
08/05/2014 Spain: EIB-ICO: new EUR 1 billion credit line for SMEs
08/05/2014 Turkey: Further EUR 200 million from the EIB for the Marmaray project in Turkey
07/05/2014 Montenegro: EUR 45 million for SMEs and other projects
30/04/2014 Ireland: M17/M18 Gort-Tuam motorway gets €144m European Investment Bank backing
30/04/2014 Italy: EIB lends €249 million to Province and University of Trento
30/04/2014 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K
29/04/2014 Greece: EIB Group and Hellenic Republic join forces in further support of SME funding
25/04/2014 France: First EIB financing operation for French universities: EUR 127m loan to modernise the campuses of Aix-Marseille University (AMU)
25/04/2014 Germany: Developing wind power efficiently: Nordex receives research loan from EIB
24/04/2014 France: EIB signs EUR 200m loan contract with RTE to improve reliability of electricity supply in Rhône Valley
23/04/2014 France: EIB and Lorraine Regional Council join forces to finance acquisition of new Régiolis trainsets for Métrolor-TER regional rail network
22/04/2014 France: Innovation for tomorrow's growth and employment at the heart of the European Conference for financing SMEs
16/04/2014 United Kingdom: EIB backing for 65 new East Coast Main Line trains
15/04/2014 Low carbon energy projects to benefit from EUR 2 billion funding
15/04/2014 EIB continues support for European SMEs
11/04/2014 IFIs boost investment in central and south-eastern Europe
08/04/2014 Germany: UniCredit Leasing receives EUR 100m from EIB for SME financing operations
04/04/2014 Sweden / Denmark: EIB fosters high-speed mobile broadband services
04/04/2014 Spain: EIB lends EUR 150 million to Jazztel for investment in its fibre optic network
03/04/2014 Cyprus: EIB renews cooperation with Cooperative Central Bank (CCB) in support of SMEs and youth employment
02/04/2014 United Kingdom: GBP 45m for Bangor University campus investment and expansion plans
02/04/2014 EU Finance Ministers and Mediterranean Partner Countries embrace new EIB Strategy for the Mediterranean Region: Roadmap 2020
01/04/2014 France: Massive support (EUR 750m) for renewable energy projects together with Société Générale, the BPCE Group and Crédit agricole
01/04/2014 India: EUR 200 million loan for climate change mitigation projects
27/03/2014 EIB launches its first GBP Climate Awareness Bond
26/03/2014 France: EIB, BPCE Group and Crédit Agricole to lend EUR 250m to develop biomass-fed energy schemes
25/03/2014 Italy: EUR 350 million for SMEs, midcaps and youth employment
24/03/2014 Belgium: EIB backs A11 Belgian motorway link
24/03/2014 Kenya: European support for sub-Saharan Africa’s largest wind power project confirmed
24/03/2014 Croatia: EIB continues to support SME and MidCap projects in Croatia with EUR 400m
21/03/2014 Germany: Saarland’s University Hospital receives loan to improve facilities
21/03/2014 Bulgaria: EIB extends EUR 50 million to UniCredit Bulbank to finance SME and midcap companies’ projects
19/03/2014 Mozambique: EIB agrees EUR 5 million SME lending programme with Moza Banco
19/03/2014 New EIB financing in Morocco: €150 million for road modernisation
19/03/2014 Romania: EIB and Garanti Bank support projects of SMEs, midcap companies and public sector entities
18/03/2014 Italy: EIB and UniCredit sign €700 million loan agreement in support of Italian businesses
18/03/2014 EIB issues the first ever green Samurai
17/03/2014 Spain: EUR 120 million for environmental investment
17/03/2014 Greece: EIB support for improved electricity network
17/03/2014 EIB completes Global benchmark curve with inaugural 7-year Global
14/03/2014 The EU and BNP Paribas provide EUR 400m for French SMEs
13/03/2014 EIB continues support for European SMEs – Strong focus on innovation
13/03/2014 Italy: EIB lends €115 million for A2A’s investment programme
12/03/2014 Spain: EIB-Banco Popular: agreement to finance SMEs and midcaps
06/03/2014 Tanzania: EIB backs EUR 105m investment scheme to improve access to clean water sanitation
06/03/2014 EIB’s timely EUR 5bn 7-Year EARN met with strong demand
04/03/2014 Ireland: EIB gives EUR 150m backing for LUAS connection
04/03/2014 Tunisia: EUR 150m (TND 325m) loan for ETAP for development of energy infrastructure and supply
04/03/2014 Tanzania: New lending programme to benefit small businesses
03/03/2014 Slovakia: EIB supports the forestry sector with EUR 120 million
03/03/2014 EIB issues new USD 5bn Global
28/02/2014 United Kingdom: GBP150m European Investment Bank loan for University of Ulster
28/02/2014 Germany: EIB loan for Johnson Controls: more research for environmentally friendly automotive equipment
27/02/2014 Italy: EIB-Creval: EUR 200 million securitization facility to increase lending to SMEs
27/02/2014 EIB launched new GBP FRN tap and accelerated 1-day switch tender offer
27/02/2014 EIB launches its first new ZAR Climate Awareness Bond of 2014
24/02/2014 United Kingdom: EIB agrees GBP 175m backing to upgrade Scotland’s core motorway network
21/02/2014 India: EUR 200 million loan for renewable energy and energy efficiency
21/02/2014 EIB publishes its Operational Plan 2014-2016
19/02/2014 Annual Press Conference - EIB Group: Strong response to crisis
19/02/2014 EIB taps Climate Awareness Bond (CAB) to a record EUR 2bn
19/02/2014 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 2
18/02/2014 Kazakhstan: EIB launches operations in Kazakhstan
17/02/2014 Pakistan: EUR 100 million loan for renewable energy
14/02/2014 The Netherlands: EIB provides EUR 150m for largest onshore wind farm
13/02/2014 Romania: EIB to support smaller projects through BCR Leasing
12/02/2014 Austrian Vice-Chancellor Michael Spindelegger in Luxembourg for talks: “EIB finances important projects for growth”
10/02/2014 Egypt: New project financed by EIB in the sector of energy for €205 million
07/02/2014 Spain: The EIB is granting a EUR 120 million loan to support the research, development and innovation activities of Acciona
07/02/2014 Moldova: EBRD, EIB and EU finance improvements to water services
07/02/2014 Finland: EIB boosts development of City of Lahti
07/02/2014 Moldova: EIB to increase support for agricultural investment
03/02/2014 France: EUR 1.3 bn for Campus Plans Programme
03/02/2014 Italy: EIB and UBI Banca Group provide €350 million for SMEs, midcaps, start-ups and youth employment
03/02/2014 Austria: EUR 100m for R&D: EIB supports research by Lenzing AG
31/01/2014 Greece: Further EIB support for local authorities
31/01/2014 Austria: Borealis AG receives a EUR 150 million loan from the EIB for the further development of polymers
30/01/2014 Italy: EIB and INTESA SANPAOLO provide €240 million to promote youth employment in SMEs, innovative start-ups and social projects
30/01/2014 Poland: First ever “Jobs for Youth” financing for SMEs
29/01/2014 Rwanda: EUR 8m for small businesses
22/01/2014 New EIB EUR 3bn 10-year benchmark meets with strong demand
22/01/2014 EIB publishes its updated “Statute and other Treaty provisions”
20/01/2014 Masdar and European Investment Bank Working Together to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development in Middle East
20/01/2014 Croatia: EIB supports upgrade of Croatia’s touristic infrastructure
20/01/2014 Serbia: EUR 150 million for SMEs
17/01/2014 Spain: EIB-Bankinter: EUR 400 million for SMEs and midcaps
16/01/2014 Belgium - Luxembourg: New EIB lending programme of 350 million with ING for SMEs
16/01/2014 The Netherlands: European Investment Bank again supports small and medium-sized enterprises
14/01/2014 EIB taps Climate Awareness Bond to a record EUR 1.5bn
10/01/2014 EIB's first Climate Awareness Bond in CHF is also first of 2014
10/01/2014 EIB issues its first USD Global benchmark of 2014
09/01/2014 Austria: Energy-efficient construction: EIB loan for climate-friendly building refurbishment
09/01/2014 Austria: EIB lends EUR 50 million to Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG for Tyrol’s SMEs
08/01/2014 Hungary: EIB supports the rehabilitation of railway infrastructure with EUR 250 million loan
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