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All press releases

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16/02/2018 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 250m loan for motorway project “A10/A24”
12/02/2018 Sweden: EU to support Northvolt’s European battery project with InnovFin backing
09/02/2018 First 3-year Global of 2018 with a USD 4bn issue
08/02/2018 3.7 billion euros to tackle migration and build resilience in Europe’s Neighbourhood - EU Bank welcomes European Parliament vote
06/02/2018 EIB backs EUR 6.5 billion energy, SME, transport and urban investment
05/02/2018 Investing in Gender Equality: EU Bank and women’s rights campaigners join forces
01/02/2018 EIB boosts the Western Balkans’ economies and fosters European integration
01/02/2018 First 2018 EUR CAB points markets to HLEG’s report on sustainable finance
01/02/2018 Kenya: The EIB extends a USD 40 Million financing facility to I&M Bank Ltd
31/01/2018 EIB Group confirms record EUR 1 billion Irish financing in 2017
31/01/2018 Slovenia: EIB and SKB Group to support small and medium-sized companies
31/01/2018 Austria: EIB signs financing agreement with Austrian Anadi Bank
31/01/2018 Portugal: EU bank and CGD provide EUR 300 million to support SMEs
26/01/2018 Portugal: EUR 250m EIB credit facility to IFD - first EUR 100 million tranche to support SMEs and midcaps
26/01/2018 Spain: EIB and DLL provide EUR 200m to finance investments of small and medium-sized businesses
26/01/2018 Austria: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 70m loan from EIB to AVL
25/01/2018 Portugal: EIB and Millennium bcp provide EUR 150m to finance SMEs and midcaps affected by forest fires
25/01/2018 2017: an exceptional year for EIB Group’s activity in Portugal
25/01/2018 EBI wspiera rozwój i dywersyfikację polskiej gospodarki
24/01/2018 Austria: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB finances wind farms
24/01/2018 Strong financing activity by EIB Group in Spain in 2017
24/01/2018 The EIB has provided EUR 8.2bn in lending to Slovakia since its establishment
24/01/2018 Greece: Internationally active companies to benefit from EUR 134m EIB-HSBC trade finance initiative
24/01/2018 EIB Group confirms record EUR 2.5 billion financing in Greece in 2017
23/01/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB provides EUR 30m loan for renewal of Palma de Mallorca’s urban bus fleet
22/01/2018 Spain: EIB supports energy sector on Canary Islands with EUR 125m loan
19/01/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB grants EUR 100m loan to Acciona to boost its innovation and digitalisation strategy
19/01/2018 EIB Group support for the Czech Republic exceeds EUR 1bn in 2017
18/01/2018 2017 was a successful year for the Juncker Plan in France, with a particular focus on climate action and innovation
18/01/2018 Bank UE eliminuje luki inwestycyjne w dziedzinie innowacji i rozwoju
17/01/2018 EIB, EIF and Crédit Agricole Group to support the development of French SMEs and midcaps
13/01/2018 EU Bank commits support for new UN strategy and welcomes reform plans
12/01/2018 Bulgarian Presidency begins with EIB loan of EUR 100 million under Juncker Plan for agri-pharma business Huvepharma
11/01/2018 First EIB EUR benchmark in the 30-year part of the curve since 2005
09/01/2018 First EIB USD Global transaction of 2018
09/01/2018 Spain: EIB and Bankia allocate EUR 800m to finance SME and midcap investments
08/01/2018 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB grants loan of EUR 40m to Indivumed
03/01/2018 EIB opens 2018’s Kangaroo market with a new AUD 750m Climate Awareness Bond
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