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All press releases

Below is the list of all press releases.


Date Name
05/12/2016 Bulgaria: EU supports SME and midcap projects through BDB – first EIB EFSI transaction in the Bulgarian public sector
05/12/2016 Romania: Investment Plan for Europe: European Investment Advisory Hub to provide advisory services to support the development of key projects in the health sector
05/12/2016 Lithuania: European support for cheaper and cleaner heat and power
02/12/2016 Netherlands: EIB supports high-quality drinking water in province of Noord-Holland
02/12/2016 Italy: EIB lends EUR 250m to FCA for R&D projects
02/12/2016 Poland: Investment Plan for Europe: EIB finances Maspex’s innovative food logistics and production
02/12/2016 Ireland: Treatment of rare skin disorder by Amryt gets EUR 20m backing from EIB’s first ever pharma loan
01/12/2016 EIB and European Commission present Cleaner Transport Facility
29/11/2016 Sweden and Denmark: EU support for cutting-edge ESS research infrastructure
29/11/2016 Tunisia 2020: The EIB announces EUR 2.5bn of exceptional support for Tunisia
29/11/2016 Completing single market is essential to relaunch investment – EIB reports
28/11/2016 Czech Republic: EIB renews cooperation with Komerční Banka to support SMEs and midcaps investing in youth employment
28/11/2016 Official EIB delegation led by Vice-President Dario Scannapieco visits Serbia
28/11/2016 Finland: Taking energy efficient building seriously: EU financing for VVO Group
24/11/2016 Kazakhstan: EUR 200m to support smaller climate change mitigation and adaptation and environmental projects (Green Projects)
24/11/2016 Ireland: EIB confirms record education investment and announces EUR 70m for Trinity College Dublin
23/11/2016 Luxembourg: Congratulations to LuxFLAG on its 10th Anniversary
23/11/2016 Croatia: EIB increases its support for SMEs and Midcap companies channelled through PBZ Bank
22/11/2016 Italy: “La Buona Scuola”: an additional EUR 530m in EIB loans for school buildings
21/11/2016 EIB steps up its activity in West Africa
21/11/2016 Launch of Boost Africa Initiative, a new integrated approach to boost young innovative entrepreneurs across Africa
21/11/2016 Croatia: First EIB operation backed by EFSI signed - EUR 50m guarantee to HBOR for MidCaps and other priorities
21/11/2016 Africans tell their stories and show the impact of strong investment in the continent
18/11/2016 Spain: EU finances Dominion's new innovation programme with a EUR 25m "Juncker Plan” loan from the EIB
18/11/2016 Kashf Foundation, winner of the 7th European Microfinance Award "Microfinance and Access to Education"
18/11/2016 The EU bank and Armenia sign an agreement related to the EUR 12 million NIF grant to support construction of the North-South Road Corridor
18/11/2016 Armenia: The EU bank supports small medium-sized businesses
17/11/2016 Dominican Republic: EIB and BANDFONDESA announce EUR 5 million microfinance loan for businesses
17/11/2016 Poland: EIB lends EUR 270m for road infrastructure upgrades
17/11/2016 Poland: EIB completes first public-sector EFSI transaction
17/11/2016 EIB confirms plans to strengthen support for North African renewable energy and energy efficiency
17/11/2016 Netherlands: Every Angle signs loan agreement with EIB
15/11/2016 BMCE Bank of Africa, l’AFD et la BEI s’associent en faveur de la protection de la ressource en eau et de l’adaptation au changement climatique du Maroc
15/11/2016 A Boost for Climate Action: FMO and EIB support solid waste management in Morocco
15/11/2016 Morocco: EIB steps up its support for businesses with BMCE Bank of Africa
15/11/2016 EIB approves record Investment Plan for Europe funding and EUR 6 billion of small and medium entreprise (SME) lending
14/11/2016 Belgium: New EU loan of EUR 200m to Société wallonne des eaux
14/11/2016 Luxembourg – EIB partnership highlighted as global example to unlock additional climate investment
14/11/2016 Ecuador: EIB supports post-earthquake reconstruction with USD 175 million loan
12/11/2016 The key role of public banks in making the Paris Agreement a reality: EIB’s Jonathan Taylor at COP22
11/11/2016 Germany: #investEU – K.I.E.L coastal power plant sets new standards
11/11/2016 Netherlands: EIB establishes cooperation with NIA on European Investment Advisory Hub
11/11/2016 EIB confirms commitment to support climate related investment and strengthened efforts since Paris
11/11/2016 Finland: EU support for SATO’s energy efficient building
11/11/2016 New support for green energy in Middle East and North Africa: first projects secured for the Catalyst MENA Clean Energy Fund
11/11/2016 Ukraine: EU bank lends EUR 200m for upgrading of public transport infrastructure in 20 municipalities
11/11/2016 Finland: European support for innovation at Valmet Automotive
10/11/2016 Italy: EIB provides EUR 100m to Gruppo Dolomiti Energia with an EFSI guarantee
08/11/2016 France pioneers greening of maritime sector
07/11/2016 French Polynesia: EIB launches microcredit programme with Banque SOCREDO
03/11/2016 Official visit by the EU bank to Madagascar
03/11/2016 EIB signs Extension of European technical assistance with Fiji Electricity Authority
02/11/2016 Senegal: The AfDB, EIB and CASL confirm overall financing of EUR 31.4m for the Compagnie Agricole de Saint-Louis for an integrated rice production project
01/11/2016 Namibia: EU bank lends N$ 113,5 million to Trustco for SME’s
27/10/2016 Italy: MEF-EIB agreement: EUR 1bn financing operation to improve the safety of RFI's rail network
25/10/2016 Senegal: EIB supports chemical industries
25/10/2016 France: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB invests EUR 40m in Quaero European Infrastructure Fund
25/10/2016 Austria: Raiffeisen-Leasing completes EUR 440m securitisation transaction
25/10/2016 Denmark: #InvestEU: European investments for safer air and sea travel
25/10/2016 Denmark: #InvestEU: European support for Copenhagen airport expansion
24/10/2016 Portugal: EU supports employment and innovation with a EUR 20 million EIB loan under the Investment Plan for Europe
24/10/2016 Greece: EIB in SME securitisation transaction with National Bank of Greece to help boost access of Greek SMEs and Midcaps to affordable financing
24/10/2016 Ireland: EIB call on innovative firms to seek funding under ‘Investment Plan for Europe’ as Malin highlights impact of EUR 70m loan
24/10/2016 Portugal: EU supports the modernisation of Lisbon’s infrastructure with a EUR 250 million EIB loan under the Investment Plan for Europe
24/10/2016 France: EIB and Caisse des dépôts provide EUR 150m in financing for Operation Campus in Strasbourg
24/10/2016 Aprendices Visuales, BioCarbon Engineering, Silent Secret, and FitforKids winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2016
24/10/2016 Spain: EIB provides financing to Adamo to extend high-speed fibre-optic broadband under the InnovFin programme
21/10/2016 Hungary: EIB supports development of Central European University with EUR 25 million
20/10/2016 EU bank opens regional office for Central Africa in Cameroon
20/10/2016 Romania implements SME Initiative: EUR 540m for Romanian businesses
20/10/2016 Luxembourg and the EIB pioneering in the field of innovative climate finance to support high impact climate action projects
20/10/2016 Spain: EIB supports microcredits and Spanish SMEs with loans totalling EUR 330m to CaixaBank and MicroBank
19/10/2016 New EIB Global benchmark: USD 4.5bn 3-year
19/10/2016 Ecuador: EIB expects to provide USD 105 billion for sustainable urban development following Habitat III Quito conference
19/10/2016 Spain: EIB provides EUR 600m in financing to renew road transport fleets and agricultural vehicles
19/10/2016 Ecuador: Habitat III: Multilateral Development Banks from around the world collaborate to support ‘New Urban Agenda’
18/10/2016 Cyprus: EIB provides funding to improve Nicosia’s drinking water supply and extends anti-flooding infrastructure financing
18/10/2016 Ecuador: EIB confirms backing for sustainable urban transport during UN Habitat III Quito conference
17/10/2016 Ireland: EIB agrees record EUR 200m support for investment in 71 schools
17/10/2016 Italy: SME Initiative to provide new financing worth EUR 1.2 billion for southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia
14/10/2016 Spain: EU supports digitisation at Bankia with a EUR 50m Investment Plan for Europe (Juncker Plan) loan from the EIB
14/10/2016 France: EFSI: EUR 60m to DAHER to step up its investment and industrial innovation programme
12/10/2016 EIB launches EUR 15 billion refugee investment initiative and approves EUR 6.6 billion new lending
12/10/2016 Malawi: EU bank supports agricultural sector
11/10/2016 Nigeria: EIB and UBA agree record EUR 60 million new private sector investment programme
11/10/2016 EIB Vice President visits Barbados to confirm backing for new Caribbean sustainable energy projects
11/10/2016 Dominican Republic: The EIB loan and the European Union support the upgrading of the electricity supply
11/10/2016 Sweden and Netherlands: #InvestEU: EIB loan to Tele2 to bring more high-speed broadband
10/10/2016 France: Investment plan for Europe: EIB Group and Bpifrance sign two agreements to support sustainable industry and innovative SMEs
10/10/2016 Mr Vazil Hudák is appointed Vice-President of the EIB
09/10/2016 EIB-WB join forces in new boost for entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa
08/10/2016 Senegal: Sustainable development in West Africa - EUR 100 million to water supply
07/10/2016 New UNDP, EIB Accord Signed to Boost Cooperation to Reach Global Goals
07/10/2016 EIB welcomes ratification of Paris agreement and reaffirms support for climate investment
06/10/2016 EIB President declares “the EU Bank has mobilised its forces” in face of global challenges and Europe’s economic relaunch
06/10/2016 EIB independent evaluation report: EFSI on track to mobilise private capital
05/10/2016 Lithuania to generate up to EUR 500 million for energy efficiency with EIB
05/10/2016 United Kingdom: EIB agrees GBP 60 million backing for new East Anglia trains
03/10/2016 Belgium: #InvestEU: European support for renewable energy creates hundreds of new jobs
03/10/2016 Moldova: EU Bank supports the modernisation of railways with 50 million EUR
03/10/2016 Netherlands: EU bank supports water safety and quality investment
30/09/2016 Greek Finance Minister Tsakalotos speaks at Bridge Forum Dialogue at EIB
29/09/2016 European Commission and EIB present guidance paper on the Eurostat treatment of PPPs
29/09/2016 EIB extends EUR Green Bond curve out to 21 years
28/09/2016 Slovenia: EU bank opens office and extends its support to SMEs and midcaps
27/09/2016 EIB breaks new ground in the area of Green Bond external review
26/09/2016 Portugal: EIB supports the Portuguese economy with a EUR 300 million programme under the Investment Plan for Europe
26/09/2016 Bulgaria: EIB joins forces with Allianz Bank Bulgaria to support SME and MidCap projects, increasing youth employment
23/09/2016 EIB approves EUR 7 billion of new loans and launches discussion on extending Investment Plan for Europe
21/09/2016 Germany: Heliatek raises EUR 80 million to finance large manufacturing expansion and support worldwide market development
21/09/2016 EIB President pledges support for “Jobs Compact“ in Ethiopia tackling migration and refugee challenge
19/09/2016 EU Bank calls for partners to confront migration challenge and to support its new Economic Resilience Initiative
19/09/2016 Sweden: #InvestEU - European support for media digitalisation
19/09/2016 Switzerland: CHF 250m credit facility for the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) – CERN – Geneva
17/09/2016 New financing opportunities for local projects as EIB delegation visits Guyana
15/09/2016 Lithuania: EIB to support Vilnius’ urban investment programme
15/09/2016 EIB issues a new 10-year Polish Zloty benchmark
14/09/2016 Luxembourg: Investment Plan for Europe - Cube Infrastructure Fund II: EUR 100 million Commitment of the EIB
14/09/2016 Netherlands: EIB supports Ultimaker’s 3D printing technology
14/09/2016 Finland implements SME Initiative: Creating new opportunities for economic growth and jobs
14/09/2016 Greece: EIB signs EUR 40m lending programme with Eurobank to support business lending to SMEs and midcaps
14/09/2016 Italy: ANAC-EIB framework agreement on exchanging information
13/09/2016 New funding opportunities high on the agenda as EIB delegation visits Suriname
09/09/2016 The road to COP 22: the EIB as a key partner for climate action in the Mediterranean region
08/09/2016 Strong demand for EIB’s first 7-year EARN since 2014
08/09/2016 EIB President Werner Hoyer picks up prestigious Cyprus business award
07/09/2016 United Kingdom: EIB confirms GBP 82 million backing for Humber Gateway offshore transmission link
07/09/2016 Spain: EIB provides EUR 50 million to BANKIA for SMEs in the farming and agrifood sectors
01/09/2016 Andrew McDowell is appointed Vice-President of the EIB
30/08/2016 Finland: EIB to support second phase of West Metro extension in Espoo
24/08/2016 EIB’s USD 3.5bn 5-year Global benchmark
09/08/2016 USD 81 billion mobilised in 2015 to tackle climate change - Joint MDB report
01/08/2016 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 2
01/08/2016 Greece: Continued EIB support for youth employment with new EUR 40m lending programme with Piraeus Bank
01/08/2016 Portugal: EIB provides EUR 750 million loan to support priority investments
29/07/2016 Romania: EIB supports projects promoted by SMEs in agriculture with EUR 15 million loan – the first EIB transaction under EFSI in Romania
28/07/2016 Investment Plan for Europe: EIB participates in SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II
27/07/2016 Poland: EIB supports upgrading of municipal infrastructure in Zielona Góra
26/07/2016 Spain: EIB and Castilla y León Regional Government sign a EUR 130m loan to drive economic growth, competitiveness and jobs in the region
25/07/2016 Private sector is key driver for growth in the Middle East and North Africa
25/07/2016 Rwandan companies to benefit from new RWF 48 billion lending programme
19/07/2016 EIB approves EUR 9.4 billion new loans, including EUR 2.8 billion under Investment Plan for Europe
19/07/2016 Greece: EIB agrees EUR 40m lending programme with Pancretan Cooperative Bank to focus on youth unemployment
19/07/2016 Hungary: EIB supports improvements on key railway infrastructure
19/07/2016 United Kingdom: Hyperoptic to expand 1Gbps network with GBP 21 million backing from EIB
18/07/2016 Germany: EIB and SaarLB sign EUR 100 million guarantee agreement
18/07/2016 Slovenia: EIB increases its support for smaller infrastructure projects with EUR 50 million
15/07/2016 Greece: European backing to create new Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation to strengthen research
15/07/2016 Romania: EIB supports with EUR 360m project co-financing with EU Funds
14/07/2016 Spain: EIB provides EUR 250 million for ICO’s “FOND-ICO Global” fund-of-funds under Investment Plan for Europe
14/07/2016 Finland: InnovFin: European support for innovation
14/07/2016 Spain: EIB provides EUR 160m of Investment Plan for Europe financing to research and innovation in the European automotive sector
14/07/2016 Austria: Raiffeisen and EIB support local companies
12/07/2016 Belgium: New smart complex for Hasselt firefighters thanks to EIB and Belfius
12/07/2016 Netherlands: EIB supports drinking water upgrade in The Hague region
12/07/2016 France: EIB Grants Valneva a €25 Million Loan to Fund R&D Activities
11/07/2016 Croatia: EUR 250 million for SMEs from EIB and HBOR
08/07/2016 Portugal: EIB loan for Navigator Company Cacia pulp mill modernisation and expansion project
08/07/2016 Netherlands: Rabobank and DLL: An extra EUR 400 million from the EIB for SMEs
06/07/2016 EU support for development of commercial wave energy technology in Europe
28/06/2016 New EIB initiative to help Europe’s Southern Neighbourhood and Western Balkans gets warm welcome from EU leaders
28/06/2016 Finland: EIB supports Finnlines’ Environmental Technology Investment programme
28/06/2016 Germany: Successful long-term financing of a German A-Modell project (A8 motorway)
28/06/2016 Netherlands: Rabobank and EIB: EUR 100 million for impact investment
27/06/2016 France: New financing under the Investment Plan for Europe: EIB provides EUR 50m to Aperam
26/06/2016 Panama Canal: EIB Vice-President Roman Escolano attends Inauguration Ceremony
22/06/2016 Netherlands: EIB supports FrieslandCampina’s research and development activities
22/06/2016 Slovakia: EIB supports D4/R7 PPP with EUR 426 million of financing – first EIB transaction under EFSI in Slovakia
21/06/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 12 million European backing for Gestamp Tallent Automotive investment
20/06/2016 United Kingdom: EIB confirms GBP 60 million new backing to transform Swansea University Singleton Park Campus
20/06/2016 United Kingdom: EIB and Funding Circle announce groundbreaking £100 million investment into small businesses
17/06/2016 Spain: EIB and BBVA agree on a EUR 600m credit line for SMEs
17/06/2016 Spain: EIB and ICO lend EUR 500m to finance the internationalisation of Spanish SMEs
17/06/2016 Finland: EIB promotes urban investments in Northern Finland
16/06/2016 EIB agrees new investment totalling EUR 7.4 billion, including EUR 3 billion for clean transport, energy, SMEs and innovation under Investment Plan for Europe
16/06/2016 Romania: EUR 300m of co-financing for environmental projects supported by EU Funds
16/06/2016 Italy: EIB lends Municipality of Bologna EUR 50 million for public works
15/06/2016 EIB signs SME loan agreement providing EUR 8 million to the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in Belize
15/06/2016 Germany: EIB promotes mobile broadband development
13/06/2016 EIB official visit to Serbia: Vice-President Scannapieco meets Prime Minister Vučić
13/06/2016 Hungary: EU bank increases its presence and supports upgrading of educational infrastructure
10/06/2016 Belgium: The biggest lock in the world has opened its gates
09/06/2016 Iceland: EIB supports geothermal energy
08/06/2016 Netherlands: Investment Plan for Europe: Financial close for widening of A6 motorway
08/06/2016 United Kingdom: EIB confirms £280m for Northern Ireland social housing
02/06/2016 Austria: First EFSI operation signed
02/06/2016 Netherlands: ABN AMRO to lend EUR 250 million in EIB funding to Dutch business sector
02/06/2016 Lithuania: EIB and Šiaulių bankas renew support for urban renewal
01/06/2016 Slovakia: EIB supports SMEs and Mid-Caps through VÚB Leasing
31/05/2016 Papua New Guinea: EIB's first project for 21 years highlighted at ACP leaders summit
30/05/2016 Kyrgyz Republic: EIB supports the development of water and solid waste infrastructure
30/05/2016 Pact of Amsterdam makes EIB a key player in the Urban Agenda for the EU
30/05/2016 Czech Republic: EIB supports SMEs and midcaps in financing new investment projects through CSOB Leasing
30/05/2016 EIB and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank agree to strengthen cooperation
28/05/2016 EIB President highlights importance of forestry investment to tackle climate change during Inner Mongolia visit
27/05/2016 Belgium: Smart Cities & Sustainable Development: "h^aqua", the urban regeneration project financed by Belfius and the EIB
27/05/2016 Mali: work begins on Kabala drinking water plant
27/05/2016 Georgia: EIB continues to support SMEs and midcaps
26/05/2016 Tunisia: The EIB grants a EUR 19 million loan (TND 42 million) for climate action
26/05/2016 EIB President’s visit to China to strengthen partnership and increase climate engagement
26/05/2016 Sweden: EIB supports technical innovation at Flexenclosure
25/05/2016 Ireland: EIB’s first backing for Primary Health Care investment in Europe supports 14 schemes
25/05/2016 Strong demand for EIB’s new EUR 3bn 16-year EARN benchmark
25/05/2016 Finance Ministers welcome EIB progress in delivering investments for Europe
23/05/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 525m European backing for Beatrice windfarm off Caithness coast
20/05/2016 EU bank backing humanitarian efforts for refugees by building economic resilience
19/05/2016 EIB backs EUR 5.3 billion new loans - reinforces SME support and takes investment supported under the Investment Plan for Europe to EUR 100 billion
18/05/2016 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 1
17/05/2016 United Kingdom: EIB visit to see benefit of GBP 2.25 billion United Utilities investment
16/05/2016 Slovenia: EIB provides EUR 50 million to Gorenje to develop a new generation of domestic appliances
12/05/2016 EIB 3 year USD Global
12/05/2016 Spain: EIB and ICO: first EFSI operation with national promotional bank signed
12/05/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 700m EIB backing for Thames Tideway Tunnel
12/05/2016 Italy: EIB supports EUR 7 billion worth of investment in Puglia
11/05/2016 France: New financing under the Investment Plan for Europe: Ginkgo 2
11/05/2016 Spain: EIB lends EUR 150 million to Banco Popular to finance SMEs in the farming and agri-food sector
10/05/2016 Greece: EIB signs loan agreement with Creta Farms in first Greek transaction with the support of the guarantee under the EFSI
09/05/2016 Signature of a technical cooperation agreement between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the EIB and the Agence Française de Développement
05/05/2016 Turkey: EIB supports SMEs and infrastructure with over EUR 800 million
03/05/2016 Spain: The EIB and ICO provide EUR 200m for financing the agri-food sector
29/04/2016 Spain: EIB Group provides EUR 100 million for new private equity fund investing in tech and industrial firms
29/04/2016 Ireland: EIB and Ireland Strategic Investment Fund support €230m DCU campus development plan
28/04/2016 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K
28/04/2016 Sweden: EIB signs SEK 3 100m loan with City of Malmö
28/04/2016 The EIB and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions sign a EUR 400 million partnership in favour of SMEs and midcaps
28/04/2016 United Kingdom: UCL agrees £280m EIB loan for campus developments
26/04/2016 Belgium: A new, more effective and more sustainable Tourist Office in Hastière thanks to Belfius and the EIB
26/04/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 56 million European backing for 7 new schools in Yorkshire
25/04/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 1 billion EIB backing for social housing
22/04/2016 Poland: EIB continues to support the upgrade of railway infrastructure
16/04/2016 IFAD and EIB join forces in support of agricultural development
16/04/2016 A partnership for projects in the countries that need it most: EIB and UNOPS seal the deal
16/04/2016 Unprecedented Collaboration among Development Partners to Improve Infrastructure Implementation
15/04/2016 From crisis management to crisis prevention: the migration challenge
14/04/2016 Bridging the Digital Divide: EIB pledges to help get 1.5 billion people online
14/04/2016 Italy, R&D: EIB lends EUR 15m to System Spa
14/04/2016 United Kingdom: United Utilities investment across north-west gets GBP 500m EIB backing
14/04/2016 Berkeley Energy successfully reaches a first close for its second Asian renewable energy fund with USD 112m of committed capital
13/04/2016 Romania: OTP Bank Romania/EIB strategic partnership: EUR 25 million to support SMEs
13/04/2016 EIB issues an inaugural 5-year Polish Zloty benchmark
12/04/2016 Tackling Global Challenges of Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Forced Migration: Werner Hoyer calls for partnerships ahead of Spring Meetings in Washington
12/04/2016 EIB approves EUR 5 billion for investment in new projects, including EUR 655m under Investment Plan for Europe
11/04/2016 Official visit of Prime Minister Manuel Valls to the EIB's headquarters in Luxembourg: EUR 2.1 billion of new EIB Group loans in France in support of growth and employment
11/04/2016 Italy: EIB and Intesa Sanpaolo: EUR 600 million for enterprises
11/04/2016 Malta: EIB provides EUR 20 million to GO for broadband (FTTH and 4G projects)
08/04/2016 Cyprus: EIB President Hoyer jointly lays Foundation Stone for new Engineering Faculty at the University of Cyprus
08/04/2016 Finland: EIB boosts modernisation of Mikkeli Central Hospital
07/04/2016 EIB 10 year USD Global CAB
06/04/2016 Exceptional demand for EIB’s first 10-year benchmark of 2016
31/03/2016 New EU Finance Opportunities for SMEs and Technological Innovation Ahead
31/03/2016 Germany: EIB funds Heidelberg’s R&D activities, taking digitisation to next level
30/03/2016 EIB announces largest ever loan in India and new office at EU-India summit
30/03/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 500m EIB backing for Caithness Moray transmission link
29/03/2016 Italy: EIB/UniCredit agreement: €700 million for Italian businesses
23/03/2016 Romania: EIB continues to support investments increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Bucharest’s Sector 4
22/03/2016 Africa CEO Forum: IFC, EIB and Ecobank Deepen Partnership to Boost SME Finance across Africa
22/03/2016 Côte d’Ivoire: EUR 117m to develop the ENERGOS project
21/03/2016 Belgium: Inauguration of a new near-zero energy municipal building in Bierbeek thanks to the 'Smart Cities & Sustainable Development' programme
21/03/2016 Finland: EIB supports NewIcon’s development of innovative healthcare automation solutions
16/03/2016 CEB and EIB host MDB Private Sector Integrity meeting
16/03/2016 Finland: EIB supports construction of Kilpilahti power plant with EUR 175m loan
10/03/2016 EIB backs EUR 4.7 billion of new investment, including 9 projects under the Investment Plan for Europe
09/03/2016 Helping developing countries tackle climate change: EIB to partner Green Climate Fund
09/03/2016 Austria: EIB supports Österreichische Bundesforste with EUR 36.7m for wind park construction
08/03/2016 EIB extends support for international trade by Greek companies
08/03/2016 France: EIB reinforces its support of Airbus Group's innovation programmes
07/03/2016 Sweden: Investment Plan for Europe: EIB backs wind farm with up to EUR 16 m
07/03/2016 Hungary: EIB supports road network rehabilitation
07/03/2016 EIB almost doubled its support to Hungary in 2015 with loan signatures of EUR 1.42bn
04/03/2016 Poland: EIB finances Polish Academy of Sciences’ scientific and academic research with EUR 130m loan
04/03/2016 Poland: EIB establishes cooperation with BGK on European Investment Advisory Hub and provides finance to small investment schemes
04/03/2016 Spain/Portugal: EUR 350m EIB/Bankinter loan agreement for SMEs
03/03/2016 Loans to Poland amounted to EUR 5.54 billion in 2015 and this year there will be new financing under EFSI
03/03/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 110 million backing for Viridor’s Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility (ERF)
03/03/2016 Bulgaria: EIB supports first youth employment projects through CIBANK
03/03/2016 Hungary: EIB lends EUR 25m to MAM, a fast-growing global market leader in baby care products, for RDI and to expand production
02/03/2016 EIB’s 5-year USD Global
26/02/2016 Cristian Popa appointed as new EIB Vice-President
25/02/2016 The EU bank supported Austria's competitiveness in 2015 with EUR 1.8bn
25/02/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 500m EIB backing for Power Networks’ investment across southern and eastern England
23/02/2016 United Kingdom: £200m European loan set to enhance Edinburgh’s global standing
23/02/2016 Tunisia: EUR 250 million (TND 554 million) lent for road infrastructure and SMEs
22/02/2016 EIB opens office in Czech Republic and signs loan for youth employment
22/02/2016 EIB to outline new innovation financing for Scottish companies and announce record university investment
19/02/2016 EIB and Luxembourg Stock Exchange raise the money that keeps climate change at bay
19/02/2016 Belgium: EIB supports technological innovation at Punch Powertrain
18/02/2016 Luxembourg: EIB and BGL BNP Paribas renew their partnership for businesses
18/02/2016 Belgium: EIB signs loan agreement with Puratos
18/02/2016 Cyprus: EIB agrees EUR 150 million of new support for companies through local banks
18/02/2016 EIB increased its support to Slovenia in 2015 with loan signatures totalling a record EUR 800m
17/02/2016 Italy: EIB supports EUR 1.3 billion worth of investment in Basilicata
17/02/2016 Spain: EIB and ICO: SME financing agreement
16/02/2016 EIB Nairobi team outlines engagement in East Africa to parliamentary delegation
16/02/2016 Belgium: Two new 'smart and sustainable' projects in Silly thanks to the Belfius/EIB 'Smart Cities & Sustainable Development' financing programme
15/02/2016 Spain: EIB and MicroBank announce agreement to facilitate access to finance for Master’s students in European universities
12/02/2016 Climate Awareness Bond hits 100th Green Bond listing on LuxSE
11/02/2016 Georgia: EIB supports urban reconstruction and highway upgrading with EUR 150m
11/02/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 100m investment in Newcastle University campus development
11/02/2016 United Kingdom: GBP 432m European backing for education and energy investment in the north-east and Yorkshire
11/02/2016 United Kingdom: Northern Powergrid regional energy investment gets GBP 250m EIB backing
09/02/2016 Romania: EIB strengthens support for economic growth and competitiveness
05/02/2016 Spain: EIB and Bankia sign EUR 500 million agreement to finance SME projects
05/02/2016 France: The EIB and Caisse des Dépôts lend EUR 230m for Lyon University's energy-efficient renovation work
04/02/2016 Syrian refugee crisis: the EU’s bank calls for an ambitious response
04/02/2016 Visit to Turkey of an official EIB delegation led by Vice-President Pim van Ballekom
04/02/2016 Finland: record high support in 2015 and EUR 230m loan for Helsinki Airport expansion
03/02/2016 EIB’s 3-year USD Global
02/02/2016 Refugee housing and flood prevention among EUR 8 billion of new projects approved by EIB
01/02/2016 Armenia: EIB supports with EUR 51m upgrade of strategic transport infrastructure
29/01/2016 EIB President Hoyer announces new Investment Team for Greece
29/01/2016 Belgium: EIB supports Aquafin’s wastewater projects
28/01/2016 EIB lends USD 50 million for water treatment in Panama City
28/01/2016 France: EIB lends EUR 20m toTransgene
28/01/2016 EIB increases support to Slovakia in 2015 to surpass EUR 1bn mark
27/01/2016 France: First loan guaranteed by InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance
26/01/2016 Ireland: EIB green light for N25 New Ross bypass
25/01/2016 Netherlands: EIB supports innovative Dutch software house eVision
22/01/2016 EIB publishes its Operational Plan 2016-2018
22/01/2016 Lithuania: EIB renews support for Lithuanian Railways
21/01/2016 Netherlands: Portaal receives loan from EIB
20/01/2016 Put Europe on the frontier of global innovation and complete its single market, urges study from EIB published at Davos
20/01/2016 EIB issues first EUR 5bn Supra/Agency benchmark of 2016
19/01/2016 Germany: EIB supports construction of key road in Bavaria with long-term loan
19/01/2016 Denmark: EIB supports GN Store Nord’s hearing aid innovation
18/01/2016 United Kingdom: Rural internet expansion across UK by Gigaclear gets GBP 18m EIB support
18/01/2016 Turkey: EUR 320 million in new EIB finance for climate action and knowledge economy investments
15/01/2016 Spain: EIB and Banco Sabadell join forces to provide EUR 1 billion for projects of SMEs and midcaps
15/01/2016 Turkey: EIB renews its partnership with Sekerbank with EUR 100 million for SMEs
15/01/2016 Spain: EIB and Ibercaja sign EUR 150 million SME financing agreement
14/01/2016 Spain: EUR 1 billion support for microenterprises and SMEs
14/01/2016 2015, a record year for EIB Group activity in France with EUR 8.7 billion of new loans
14/01/2016 United Kingdom: EIB confirms GBP 5.6 billion record UK lending
14/01/2016 EIB Group lends record EUR 84.5 billion in 2015 and mobilises over EUR 50 billion investment under Investment Plan for Europe
13/01/2016 SESAR Deployment Manager and EIB join forces in support of Single European Sky Initiative
07/01/2016 Netherlands: Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group supports micro-financing with Qredits
06/01/2016 Belgium: EIB and BNP Paribas Fortis provide EUR 500 million for Belgian SMEs and midcaps
06/01/2016 GBP1.5bn increase of EIB 1.500% February 2019 Fixed Rate Note
06/01/2016 EIB issues first Green Bond of 2016
06/01/2016 EIB's 5-year USD Global
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